My $0 Halloween Costume

1950s Zombie heh heh




My Week or so of Projects/Essays/Tests

So I’ve been extremely busy the past week or so, between all of my classes I’ve had something important do.  Still not out of the woods yet because I have a Japanese test on Wednesday, but that’s okay considering what else had to be done.  Last Wednesday I had a German mid-term,  Friday I had a Chinese Lit paper due (moved from Wednesday, thank Buddha heh), and Today was my German Civ. presentation, which almost got moved to Wednesday, but luckily she let me go ahead and get it over with.  Through in a job search on top of that and there is just no end to what needs to be done.

Luckily, everything is falling into place.  My mid term went very well, and I think I did well on my presentation.  My Chinese Lit. paper, well that’s not excellent, but I did have a couple days left over to edit it some, so here’s hoping.  I got my old job back, and while that’s not particularly exciting, the fact that I get paid more is, as well as the fact that I will have hours.  I will continue to work at the movie theater, so I will get those awesome benefits.  I just will have to think about how awesome a month from now will be.  Yay!

In the mean-time, I have been watching a couple of movies, mostly Disney auf Deutsch (in German).  I watched 101 Dalmatians, Mulan, and Cinderella.  Which were good, but Mulan was a bit harder for me to understand.  If I ever become a German teacher, I think I will set one day aside so that we could watch a Disney movie in German.  I know that it is dubbed and such, but so many people like Disney and they most likely wouldn’t get bored or disinterested because they don’t understand everything that is being said.  You can also pick up a good bit from watching it, I feel like.  Oh, and not to mention that Germany does a really good job dubbing things.  The voices usually closely match as well as the fact that English and German are similar enough, that it’s usually a better translation in general.  Just my random thoughts though.  I will say that I believe The Lion King was made for German.  I will leave you a clip, in case you want to watch it.

Seid Bereit (Be Prepared)

Ein Bisschen auf Deutsch

Was soll ich sagen?  Ich will mein Deutsch ausüben, aber ich weiß nicht, was ich über sprechen soll.  Die ganze Wochenende musste ich arbeiten (Ich arbeite im Kino).  Mancher Käufer war ein Idiot.  z.B. Eine Dame fragte, ob wir die Butter haben.  Und ich sagte, Ja, natürlich.  Aber, sie verstand das nicht, und fragte, wo die Maschine der Butter liegt.  Sie war fast ärgerlich, wenn sie das mir fragte.  Ich deutete auf die Maschine und sagte, Ja es liegt da…  Sie sagte, ah, wie sie überrascht war.

For funnsies I’m going to paste the babel fish translation of what I just wrote.  It is hilarity.  Then I will post the actual translation.

What am I to say? I want to exercise my German, but I do not know, what I am to speak over. The whole weekend had I to work (I work in the cinema). Some buyer was an idiot. e.g. a lady asked whether we have the butter. And I said, naturally. But, it understood that, and did not ask, where the machine of the butter lies. It was nearly annoying, if it asked me. I interpreted it on the machine and said, lie there… She said, ah, how she was surprised.

The Real Translation:

What am I to say?  I want to practice my German, but I don’t know, what I should talk about.  I had to work the whole weekend (I work at a movie theater).  Some customers were idiots.  For example, a lady asked whether or not we have butter.  I said, “Yes, of course.”  But she didn’t understand that and asked where the butter machine was.  She was almost angry when she asked me this.  I pointed to the machine and said, “Yeah, it is over there.”  She said, “Oh,” like she was surprised.

Just thought the babel fish translation at the end was funny, and thought I should share.

My New Haircut

For about a month now I’ve been wanting to get my hair cut, and I’ve been thinking something short.  So I decided not to do it half assed and I got it bobbed.  So without further ado, my new haircut!