So I have always had kind of a love hate relationship with Christmas (or well, at least since high school).  Most of it has to do with the marketing aspect most retail places like to pull.  You know, the whole if you don’t get your family and friends a big expensive gift then you don’t love them sort of theme.  I know Christmas movies have sort of worn the whole commercialization of Christmas out, but it really bothers me.  I worked retail for the last two Christmases, and people just get so worked up and argue with one another, all over some stupid material present that in the long run doesn’t matter.  Go home.  Spend time with you friends and family because it’s the memories you make with them that matter, not what you buy them.

That aside I have sort of made up some guidelines for my Christmas shopping this year.  My family and I have already decided to make it a small Christmas this year.  No more than $50 per person.  I’m really happy about it too, because I feel like this year it’s less about what we give each other and more about the fact that we care enough to give it.  I feel like this way, the gifts are more meaningful, and it’s just nice to me.

I have also decided not to do any mall shopping this year for the gifts I buy.  I really want to just go to smaller locally owned stores and get people’s presents this year.  This way I get to support the community and I don’t have to fight people in crowded malls to get gifts this year.  Besides, I tried to finish up my Christmas shopping after work today by going across the street to the mall, but ended up only staying for about 15 minutes because it annoyed me so much.  This year, I just want to keep it toned down and relaxing.  Besides, December 25th is just another day of the year.  Why do we have to fuss over it so much?  We should really just enjoy our lives with the people we care about all year round, and to me, that sounds a lot like Christmas spirit.