Rumpelstilzchen (my translation)

As promised, my last post of the year.  I’m going to translate Rumpelstilzchen (which is the fairytale in my book).  Some of you may have heard it, some of you may not have.  It was a split down the middle in my German class of who had heard/remembered it.  Anyway, I believe this is the Grimm version, which ends much differently than the American version (as many things tend to do heh heh.)  So here goes…

Once upon a time there was a miller.  He was poor, but he had a beautiful daughter.  One day as it happened, the miller spoke to the king.  Because he wanted to please the king, he said, “I have a beautiful and intelligent daughter,  She can spin straw into gold.”  Then the king said to the miller, “That pleases me.  If your daughter is as good as you say, bring her tomorrow morning to my castle!  I will test this.”  The next day the miller took his daughter to the castle.  The king took her to a chamber filled with straw and said, “Now begin working!  By morning if you have not spun all this straw into gold, you must die.”  Then he locked the chamber and the miller’s daughter remained in there all alone.

The poor girl sat there and cried because she did not know how to spin straw into gold.  Then suddenly the chamber door opened.  A small dwarf  entered and said, “Good evening beautiful miller’s daughter!  Why are you crying?”  “Oh,” answered the girl, “because I should be spinning straw into gold, and I don’t know how.”  “What will you give me if I help you?” asked the dwarf.  “My gold necklace,” answered the girl.  The dwarf took the gold necklace and sat down at the spinning wheel and spun all the straw into gold by morning.  At sunrise the king came.  He was happy when he saw all the gold, because that was not what he expected.  Then he took her to another chamber where there was even more straw.  He ordered her to also spin all the straw into gold in one night, if she loved her life.

Again the girl cried, and again the door opened and the dwarf came inside.  “What will you give me if I spin your straw into gold?” he asked.  “My ring on my finger,” answered the girl.  Again the dwarf sat down in front of the spinning wheel and spun the straw into gold.  The king was very happy, but there still wasn’t enough gold for him.  Then he took the miller’s daughter in a third chamber where there was even more straw and said, “If you can turn this straw into gold, I will marry you in the morning.”  And then he thought: She may only be a miller’s daughter, but there is not richer woman in the world.  When the girl was alone, the dwarf came a third time.  He said again, “What will you give me if I once again spin the straw?”  But the miller’s daughter didn’t have anything more to give.  “Than promise me your first-born child when you become a queen,” said the dwarf.  The miller’s daughter didn’t know what to do and said yes.  the next morning she married the king and became a queen.

After a year she had the most wonderful child in the world.  But she had long ago forgotten about the dwarf.  Then suddenly, there he appeared in her chamber and said, “Give me your child as you have promised!”  The queen became afraid and promised the dwarf all the gold in the kingdom if he left her child alone.  But the dwarf said, “No, living on is more important than all the gold in the world.”  Then the queen began to cry and the dwarf took pity on her.  “Fine,” he said, “you have three days time, if you can guess my name, you may keep your child.”

The queen thought all night about names and sent a messenger to the country.  He was supposed to ask everyone what normal names were.  On the first night when the dwarf came, the queen began with, “Kaspar, Mechior, Balthasar…” but after every name the dwarf laughed and said, “No, that’s not my name.”  The next day she asked the people in the neighborhood about names.  That  night the dwarf came and the queen asked about very funny names, “Rippenbiest” and “Hammelbein” but the dwarf always answered, “No, that’s not my name.”  On the third day the messenger returned and told them, “I have been to the borders of the kingdom and no one could tell my any new names.  But on the way back I went through the forest.  There I saw a small cottage with a fire inside.  From the fire sprang a funny dwarf.  He hopped on a tree and screamed,

“Today I bake, tomorrow I brew, the next day I pick up the queens child, oh how good that nobody knows, that my name is Rumpelstilzchen!”

Naturally, the queen was very happy when she heard this.  That night she first asked the dwarf, “Are you named Kunz?”  “No!”  “Are you named Heinz?”  “No!”  “Are you named Rumpelstilzchen?”  “The devil has told you that!  The devil has told you that!” screamed the dwarf and he stomped his feet so hard that his right foot sank in the ground.  Then he grabbed his left foot and ripped himself to pieces.

The End

I hope you enjoy and have a great New Years!!!


Tralalala The Past Few Days

I’m running out of unique up dates on my life titles, as you can probably guess.  But these past couple of days have been nice and rough at the same exact time.  They’ve probably been more rough than anything else, but I’ll explain.

Why it has been rough: There has been an insane lack of communication with many of my friends, I kid you not.  It seems like some of them have disappeared off the face of the Earth.  Sure I have talked to some of them on facebook, but that’s not really the same as talking in person.  There are two possible reasons for this, one more likely than the other.  The first is that aliens abducted them, took them to Mars, made android clones, sent those clones back to Earth, and forgot to add me into their memory banks leaving them unable to recognize my name or my face.  OR they all went home for Christmas break and just haven’t come back yet.  I’ll let you decide which one is true heh heh.

I’ve had to work what seems like a lot to me this past week.  I think I’ve worked 5 nights in a row and with the exception of Christmas Eve, they have all been busy.  I’ve also had to work all night shifts which means I have to stay after the concession stand closes to clean up, which isn’t always too bad as long as you are working with good people.  But it is still tiring and by that time I am ready to go home and relax.

I haven’t had a P-chan to come home to.  My parents took her back home so she could get some vet work done (meaning the lump on her leg removed and her teeth cleaned.)  It’s amazing how much of a difference it makes coming home when she’s not here.  I also haven’t been able to talk to Shun lately because his computer died, so there really hasn’t been a lot of interaction with other people outside of work (and handling customers doesn’t count as a good social encounter, trust me.)

Why it has been kind of nice: I have gotten a break not only from school, but from people (excluding at work) as well.  I know above I was sort of complaining about not having anyone to hang out with, but I’m a somewhat recluse and I do enjoy my alone time, and I sometimes get cranky when I don’t get some alone time.  That aside, I haven’t had any social obligations to fulfill and have wasted the parts of the day I’m not at work doing whatever I please, which doesn’t happen that often.

I did finally send Shunsuke his Christmas present and got my first paycheck (which was better than I had expected because I did not think I worked so many hours.)  And while it has been busy, I’ve for the most part enjoyed my job.  And before you misinterpret what I mean, I don’t like the customers or their silly demands, I mostly enjoy the people I work with and the atmosphere is much lighter than at my previous job.  Most people there seem to be pretty good friends and they’ll often hang out after work, I mean staff leaders, vesties, and managers (well, some managers).  And mistakes seem to be taken a lot better there as well.  But I’m getting off topic…

I spent some of my Christmas money today, which is always good.  I ended up getting a rice cooker (because I’m tired of having to mess up my stove and pots every time I want rice).  I almost got a bread maker as well, but haven’t yet because I want to do some shopping around for that one.  My sister has one and it is amazing.  I also got some wall flower nutmeg refills (which smell great.)  And I went to the Kroger in Opelika today and got curry mix and soba ingredients.

So that has been my past few days.  I plan on making at least one more post before the end of the year.  I think counting this one, that puts me at 90, which is a big number for me, but I have plans to post one either tomorrow, or the day before 2010, you know, just because.  I still haven’t done a poem in Japanese (which I probably won’t do yet because I don’t feel like my Japanese is quite good enough for that yet) or a translation of a German fairytale, but I might soon (and I might cheat and use the one from my German text-book even thought it’s not translated for me in the back), or I might find one you guys have never even heard of to translate.  I don’t know.  I read one called King Thrushbeard yesterday, and it was pretty good.  I guess it depends on how lazy I am.

A Couple of Quick Reviews

I have not done any movie reviews in a while.  Of course I haven’t seen many new movies to review either, but there are a couple and I want to go ahead and write about them before I forget.

For some odd reason, it feels like I’ve already discussed this movie, but in case I haven’t, CJ7.  It’s a Chinese comedy about a poor boy and his father finding an alien dog.  It sounds very cheesy, and well, it is.  But it’s a good sort of cheesy, and it does have some funny moments.  But somewhere toward the middle there is a drastic change in mood and well, let’s just say this is not a good movie for drunk Sarah to watch.  It doesn’t have very good graphics or special effects, but I think they handled it well and that it doesn’t take away from the movie.  When my friend and I watched it, we watched the English dub version, and the dubbing was not good.  That’s probably my only real complaint about the movie, but then again, I’m not a big dubbed movie fan so that could just be me.  Overall, I say it gets a high 4 and I would definitely re-watch it.

The second movie I want to review is Disney’s The Princess and the Frog.  I know that some of my friends have been skeptical of this movie, and they have a right to be after Miley Cyrus and High School Musical.  It’s been a long time since Disney has turned out a good animated film (not to mention this film is actually hand drawn).  I think this movie actually does return Disney to its glory days.  The artwork is beautiful and the story is good.  There are plenty of good songs, and a story that isn’t worn out.  They actually made some interesting changes to the story including the setting and the time, which I think really helps the movie.  I do have a couple of issues though, not really big ones.  There are several butt jokes and not that many cleverly hidden (at least as far as I can remember) jokes kids don’t really understand.  Again, this is more of a personal preference, but that’s one of the things I think kid’s movies are missing now that they use to have.  The other problem is how many times the say, not insinuate, the moral of the movie.  It’s pretty hard not to understand the message they are sending the audience, even though it is a good one.  Overall I would probably also give this one a 4, and I would say it is a good return to the Disney classics, although still not quite up to par with Beauty and the Beast, Lion King, etc.

So that is all for my movie review for now.  I’m not sure just how many movies I will watch in the near future, but when I do, I’ll be sure to make another post.


I know Christmas hasn’t even passed yet, but I figured I would do the same thing to it as it does to Thanksgiving and is beginning to do to Halloween.  The new year fast approaches, and honestly, 2009 is one of the best years I’ve had in quite some time.  You’ll have to ignore my many complaints because honestly, I just complain a lot.  That’s something I’m going to try to resolve in 2010, but I’m getting ahead of myself.  First I want to discuss my previous (2009) resolutions and then I will contemplate on new ones.

In case you’ve forgotten my 2009 resolutions (which I kind of hope you have because that would be weird if you knew all of them…), I will list them again.

1) Not to be so shy.
2) Maintain my weight and get into shape.
3) Not to let college get to me!!!
4) Learn that it’s okay to say no sometimes.
5) Improve my Japanese.

Have I accomplished them?  I would say yes to most of them.  The only one that has given me the most trouble was not letting college get to me.  Actually, I think I failed that one pretty good, but the others went pretty well considering.  I’m definitely not as shy anymore.  I’ve met a good amount of new people, and I actually asked for phone numbers.  As far as getting into shape, I would say yes to that.  I managed to train for and run my first 5k this year thanks to Sarah who ran it with me (and then went on to a 10k, yay!)  Sure, since school started back, I’ve let exercise fall behind, but I feel like it was necessary.  As far as college getting to me, the closest I came to achieving this was not taking the final in Geography and accepting a B.  Most of you know that’s a giant step for me to just take a B like that and not even try on the final, but I have regressed again.  College was trying to kick my ass this semester and I fought with it the whole time.  I have learned that it’s okay to say no sometimes, and now I frequently do so.  A good number of my friends can attest to this heh heh.  And the final resolution of the year, improving my Japanese.  This was probably the most successful of my resolutions due to two main factors.  1) I took a formal class this last semester, and while it was not that hard, it forced me to learn vocabulary and kanji (which are the two big parts I suck at).  2) I participated in JSO (which forced me to speak with native speakers) and I practiced with Shunsuke and Mai.  If it wasn’t for this last half of the year, this resolution would have gone un-checked.

So since I have to go grocery shopping now and I have to work for the next 3 or 4 days, I don’t know when I will write another post, but the next one will have my 2010 resolutions.  I’m not too sure what that will include, but I’m going to try to make it something I can achieve again.  Until then, Happy whatever you celebrate and a great big Bah Humbug from me~

P.S. Since I’m not really old enough to remember the good bits from the first part of this decade (I was 9 when it started), please leave your favorite book, movie, album, song, etc from the decade as a comment.  I know one person who has already made a list (my brother in law over at  But please, feel free to post your favorites from the past 10 years!

Bah Humbug

I’m going to be perfectly honest, I’m not a big fan of Christmas.  I haven’t been for the last three or so years.  Every year, my expectations dive just a bit lower.  Here soon, I’m just going to be that crazy lady down the street with no joy in her life and yelling at kids to get off of her lawn.  But as many of the people I know who are absolutely in love with Christmas, I may need to explain my whole reasoning.  And I would just like to note here, I don’t hate Christmas, I just get disappointed in the concept.

I feel like Christmas spirit is gone: this pretty much speaks for itself and is one of the main reasons I have heard for not being a Christmas fan.    But for the sake of this post, I will elaborate a bit.  I’ve worked in retail for about 5 months, and I did work Black Friday, but I got out soon after.  But even so, I still have seen the jerk things people have done to get what they want.  And I’ve seen how important the holiday season is to sales.  Christmas is always being pushed by retailers as a holiday in which you have to buy every person you care about at least a little something or you don’t love them.  And not to mention all of the fights and even the fact that a Wal Mart employee got killed last Black Friday (2008) by a stampeed of people.  That’s not holiday cheer to me.

Christmas is too big: What is really so special about Christmas that people have to make such a big fuss over it?  You get presents on your birthday and you can eat and spend time with your family at Thanksgiving.  To me, Christmas is just another holiday, except it has gone out of control.  Stores began playing Christmas music and setting up Christmas decorations the day after Halloween.  They don’t even wait until after Thanksgiving anymore.  And aside from the economic problems of the past couple of years, Christmas has been about more presents.  See above.  Honestly, I would love nothing more than to have a small get together with the people I care about and maybe a couple of presents each.  Nothing big or special, nothing expensive, just something sentimental.

Christmas music: There are only a select few songs I like that are Christmas songs.  What few other songs I did enjoy were taken care of by that one month or so I had to listen to holiday music in JCPenney.  I never want to hear Jingle Bell Rock ever again.  Ever.  I really hate how famous musicians try and add to Christmas songs.  I’m sure if I hear the original song done way back when, I would probably like it better.  But no, there are all these funky and jazzed up Christmas songs that don’t actually change except that they are more annoying.

My very own personal reasons: These aren’t really anything big, but I have my own personal reasons (meaning things that have happened to me).  Before you go getting all concerned that a mall Santa went and punched me in the face when I was 4, they aren’t things like that.  They are things like the fact I have to work Christmas Eve at the movie theater because people apparently come watch movies on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  This means I have to miss out on my family get together we have every year.  This also means I can’t make the four hour drive home that night.  I think my parents are going to come and visit, but there are more people that I want to see back home besides them.  My parents also have this really annoying thing they do where they still expect me to believe in Santa Claus.  I’m 19 and every year they still say, if you don’t believe in Santa, he won’t come visit you…  Seriously, I think they think my sister and I are still 4.  Sigh…  The last personal reason, and this mostly applies to this year, is that Shun left a week ago, which makes it hard for me to get into the Christmas spirit.  I know that sounds emo and junk, but I’m not meaning it that way.  It’s just another reason I don’t really care about Christmas right now.

Anyway, Bah Humbug and Happy Holidays to those who aren’t as scrooge like as me heh heh.

The Move from Facebook

As some of you may or may not know, this blog started out on livejournal several years ago.  I didn’t update regularly and barely even logged in.  It was just sort of a place for me to rant about different things in my life, which can be said for many blogs.  Later I made an unintentional move to myspace.  The unintentional part is that I just never logged back into livejournal.  Eventually my rantings on my life just got posted to myspace.  This was also at myspace’s heyday, so people would actually read what I posted.

Slowly, my posts began to evolve.  Things like poetry and other random tidbits from my life, be it something interesting I heard in class or some random event that happened, began to be included.  It began to turn into something more than a bitch fest.  Then, maybe two years ago, I started to put more effort into my blog.  I began to research things, do little projects, and post more creative material such as stories and poems.

There was a problem though.  Myspace was no longer working as a good place to post blogs.  Most of my friends didn’t even login to myspace, my blogs were started to be ignored.  Myspace had also become less user-friendly.  I remember losing posts sometimes because myspace would have random glitches and would not save my draft.  That’s about the time I decided to move my blog to facebook.  Pretty much everyone I know has a facebook, and notes posted showed up on the news feed, so my blog would not go ignored.  Over the next year, all of my posts were made via facebook.  Up until recently, there were no problems.  Then the question of my blog’s visibility came up again after the change to live feed by facebook.

I noticed that not nearly as many comments were being made on my posts.  There was no real way I could track my readers though (as opposed to myspace which is the one feature I miss).  So I made a status update asking who still reads my blog.  There were a handful of responses, and some said they could not even see when I posted anymore.  The live feed, I feel, is too random to be sure what I post actually gets seen.  I don’t really trust it anymore.  I also don’t trust facebook with my more creative posts such as poems and short stories, so they often got left off.  Facebook claims to own certain things, and I just don’t want them to be able to claim my original works.  So I felt like it was time to move my blog once more.

I’m going to post status updates and link to my word press   I update.  I’m hoping that will increase my blog’s visibility.  I’ve also made it a public blog, which means some things will be left out, but for the most part, I’m not going to censor things like I did on facebook.  Hopefully this will work, because I really enjoy writing, but I often feel like it is pointless if no one reads what I post.  So unless something needs to be said on facebook, consider this the last post to my blog using facebook.