There really isn’t much to say on this subject, but I will do my best since several sites and blogs have a section dedicated to the writer.  Well, I guess the blog itself is mostly about the writer, mostly.  But I digress.

I come from a humble beginning in the southern region of the United States.  My dad stayed at home to raise me, while my mom was the bread winner.  I don’t remember too much before I started school, most of my memories consist of Looney Tunes, Eggos, and helping my dad work on cars.  I have a sister, who is about six years my senior.  I was a normal sort of little sister, always following my sister around trying to nose in on some fun.

I went to a public school which tried so hard to disguise itself as a private school.  Unfortunately for it, most of the pupils neither had need nor want to play along.  There is little to nothing to talk about during my school years.  I was neither popular nor athletic.  I was considered a nerd through the majority of my school career, and a couple years of my high school I dedicated myself to a peculiar fashion known as goth.

After I graduated, I moved four hours from my hometown in order to go to college.  At first I intended to pursue a degree in biology, but I decided that I could not dedicate myself fully to the sciences and instead began studying German and Japanese to which I now have my degree.  I once worked part time at the local movie theater serving concessions.  The pay was meager and the hours long, but the people I worked with were always interesting and made the work more bearable.

As for my situation now I am at present attending the University of Alabama and I have dedicated my studies further to the science of Germanic Linguistics.


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