This blog

Even though I have been writing blogs for close to two years (or serious blogs) ,this is still a project in the making.  I used to use social networking sites such as facebook and myspace to make my posts, so I’ve never really been able to play with my blog like this.  So my blog is going to change every once in a while, things will be added, subtracted as I find out more and more about the neat little things wordpress has to offer.

My ultimate plan (although I’m not sure how well I can accomplish this) is to have a place to write my opinions, as well as a place to share my more creative works such as short stories and poems, and maybe even some translations.  I do have to get time to play with the site though and figure out all the little tricks, so getting it to that point my take awhile.  But ultimately, I feel really good about this blog and I hope it does a much better job than facebook.


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