Brain Dump

I’m so stressed out right now I’m not sure I can put anything into words.  It is the end of the semester, I am working two jobs, I have an essay due the day I arrive in Japan, ad when I come back I have to work Black Friday as well as make three oral presentations, two of which are not in English.  Right after that I have finals, which is really freaking me out because I’m not sure I can get past all the other stuff.  I still haven’t started packing for Japan, nor have I gotten my card from the bank to use over there.  I haven’t researched anything about what I can and cannot take on the airplane, and I don’t even know what to do at the airport because I have never flown before.

So what did I do the past couple of days?  Procrastinate.  That’s right, all of the other times during the school year it was perfectly acceptable for me to procrastinate, and I didn’t.  I went all OCD on those assignments but now I’m just so burnt out I waited until the last minute to do my homework that was due today, which made me stress out even more.  But I will admit, yesterday was pretty freaking awesome.  I went with a group of friends so that one of my guy friends could find a pair of girl jeans .  I tried to convince him to get the ones with the fake diamond stud angel wings on the butt, but for some reason he just wasn’t a fan of those…  There was some Hibachi Express involved later on, as well as some Mario Kart 64, which I think I am way too good at…

The day before that I made brownies with some friends and then went to watch an Indian movie (Monsoon Wedding I believe was the name) which was one of my favorite Indian movies that I have watched so far.  Sure it was goofy, but I think I liked it a little better because the songs that were in it were worked in a little better than most, and the dancing wasn’t just random wriggling thumb to head placement.  The story itself was a bit poorly put together, but it was a generally a fun movie, I would say give it a try, and if a couple of beers are involved it would probably add to the quality.

I also figured out what is wrong with the keyboard on my laptop.  There was apparently a manufacturing defect in the keyboard which hosed up the other keys in that small yet important section of keys.  Alas, I am not sure of the workings of computers, but I do find it interesting that the defect hasn’t really affected my keyboard and typing up until a couple of months ago when it first started acting up.  It’s almost like they knew my warranty had expired… heh heh I kid of course.

It’s really great how writing this all down like I did can make me feel so much less stressed about everything.  I need to do this more often.  Yeah, I know I say something to this affect every time.  You should know by now it is all LIES!!  I will blog about my trip though… Promise!