Seasons change, time passes by, as the weeks become the months become the years…

It has been awhile I suppose.  By looking at my last post it’s been over a year.  Not to say that I haven’t tried to write between that time.  It just ends in my frustration over either the topic I wanted to blog about or the fact that I can’t seem to write anything as of late.  Outside of writing letters to my friend in Japan I just haven’t had the time or the patience.

Well, a lot has changed since I last posted.  The main change is that I graduated from undergrad at Auburn and I’m now working on my Masters at Alabama.  I cannot quite express in words how biased I am for one particular school.  I won’t spoil the fun, but most of you probably know which school I favor.  That aside being a graduate student is tough.  It doesn’t help that I have GTA responsibilities as well as a part time job as an ESL tutor for the county.  It’s a little bit weird though because I see myself as a grad student, but hardly anyone else outside of my program sees me as one.  And even some of the people in my department laugh as I joke about being a grandma (I mean come on: I eat bran flakes every day for breakfast, I love to eat vegetables (the more fiber the better!) I have a rocking recliner which I spend hours at a time reading in, I crochet, I bake, I sew, technology confuses the hell out of me (I’m still running windows XP on my big ol’ desktop because anything newer is too complicated), and I have an old lady hip).  Oh the curses of being an old person trapped in a young person’s body heh.

Also, there are a lot of weird people in this town.  From the old man pointing angrily at me in my car as he drove through an intersection I was stopped at, to the guy who was missing some teeth asking me to be his wife for the night at some sketchy bar, to the senile old man asking me several times where I got a salad at a restaurant with a salad bar, to the Target worker who went into an unprompted 15 minute spiel about how he loves computer games.  I’d give you guys tips on how to be so popular but then I would be giving away all of my secrets (I have no secrets and I am not popular… no really, I’d be doing the world a disservice if I pretended.)