Today Was Productive

Due to the bad weather last night and my sometimes irrational fear of storms, I stayed at a friend’s house last night with P-chan.  After the power went out (about five minutes after I got there), we watched Monsters vs. Aliens, which means I got to sleep kind of late.  I wasn’t anticipating a restful night’s sleep nor a productive day today because of it.  (although one was severely needed).

So after I got done with my 8 o’clock Public speaking class, I went to the Language Lab and stayed there for a good two and a half hours doing various assignments.  Even though being out of printer ink mildly sucks, having to do homework in the language lab with few distractions was probably a good thing.

Anyway, the point of this post is geared more to my final speech for public speaking this semester, which is a persuasive policy speech (telling people what course of action should or should not be taken).  I’ve been trying to think of an interesting and easy topic I could do my speech on.  One idea is the low birth rate which plagues several European nations as well as Japan.  It isn’t necessarily a problem here, so I’m not sure how well I could relate the topic to the class, but I might do some research and see if it is a possibility for the future.

Another idea is the whole Australian environmentalists vs. Japanese whalers and how that conflict is not being dealt with in an effective way.  I made a post several months back on my ideas about how the conflict should be handled, but my only concern with this one is whether or not I’d be able to carry the speech for 5-7 minutes and find 5 sources to back me up.  I would love any other ideas if you have any!

One last thing I’m going to leave you with these two songs:

Kiss the Girl in Japanese

Kiss the Girl in German


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