Rumpelstilzchen (my translation)

As promised, my last post of the year.  I’m going to translate Rumpelstilzchen (which is the fairytale in my book).  Some of you may have heard it, some of you may not have.  It was a split down the middle in my German class of who had heard/remembered it.  Anyway, I believe this is the Grimm version, which ends much differently than the American version (as many things tend to do heh heh.)  So here goes…

Once upon a time there was a miller.  He was poor, but he had a beautiful daughter.  One day as it happened, the miller spoke to the king.  Because he wanted to please the king, he said, “I have a beautiful and intelligent daughter,  She can spin straw into gold.”  Then the king said to the miller, “That pleases me.  If your daughter is as good as you say, bring her tomorrow morning to my castle!  I will test this.”  The next day the miller took his daughter to the castle.  The king took her to a chamber filled with straw and said, “Now begin working!  By morning if you have not spun all this straw into gold, you must die.”  Then he locked the chamber and the miller’s daughter remained in there all alone.

The poor girl sat there and cried because she did not know how to spin straw into gold.  Then suddenly the chamber door opened.  A small dwarf  entered and said, “Good evening beautiful miller’s daughter!  Why are you crying?”  “Oh,” answered the girl, “because I should be spinning straw into gold, and I don’t know how.”  “What will you give me if I help you?” asked the dwarf.  “My gold necklace,” answered the girl.  The dwarf took the gold necklace and sat down at the spinning wheel and spun all the straw into gold by morning.  At sunrise the king came.  He was happy when he saw all the gold, because that was not what he expected.  Then he took her to another chamber where there was even more straw.  He ordered her to also spin all the straw into gold in one night, if she loved her life.

Again the girl cried, and again the door opened and the dwarf came inside.  “What will you give me if I spin your straw into gold?” he asked.  “My ring on my finger,” answered the girl.  Again the dwarf sat down in front of the spinning wheel and spun the straw into gold.  The king was very happy, but there still wasn’t enough gold for him.  Then he took the miller’s daughter in a third chamber where there was even more straw and said, “If you can turn this straw into gold, I will marry you in the morning.”  And then he thought: She may only be a miller’s daughter, but there is not richer woman in the world.  When the girl was alone, the dwarf came a third time.  He said again, “What will you give me if I once again spin the straw?”  But the miller’s daughter didn’t have anything more to give.  “Than promise me your first-born child when you become a queen,” said the dwarf.  The miller’s daughter didn’t know what to do and said yes.  the next morning she married the king and became a queen.

After a year she had the most wonderful child in the world.  But she had long ago forgotten about the dwarf.  Then suddenly, there he appeared in her chamber and said, “Give me your child as you have promised!”  The queen became afraid and promised the dwarf all the gold in the kingdom if he left her child alone.  But the dwarf said, “No, living on is more important than all the gold in the world.”  Then the queen began to cry and the dwarf took pity on her.  “Fine,” he said, “you have three days time, if you can guess my name, you may keep your child.”

The queen thought all night about names and sent a messenger to the country.  He was supposed to ask everyone what normal names were.  On the first night when the dwarf came, the queen began with, “Kaspar, Mechior, Balthasar…” but after every name the dwarf laughed and said, “No, that’s not my name.”  The next day she asked the people in the neighborhood about names.  That  night the dwarf came and the queen asked about very funny names, “Rippenbiest” and “Hammelbein” but the dwarf always answered, “No, that’s not my name.”  On the third day the messenger returned and told them, “I have been to the borders of the kingdom and no one could tell my any new names.  But on the way back I went through the forest.  There I saw a small cottage with a fire inside.  From the fire sprang a funny dwarf.  He hopped on a tree and screamed,

“Today I bake, tomorrow I brew, the next day I pick up the queens child, oh how good that nobody knows, that my name is Rumpelstilzchen!”

Naturally, the queen was very happy when she heard this.  That night she first asked the dwarf, “Are you named Kunz?”  “No!”  “Are you named Heinz?”  “No!”  “Are you named Rumpelstilzchen?”  “The devil has told you that!  The devil has told you that!” screamed the dwarf and he stomped his feet so hard that his right foot sank in the ground.  Then he grabbed his left foot and ripped himself to pieces.

The End

I hope you enjoy and have a great New Years!!!


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