I know Christmas hasn’t even passed yet, but I figured I would do the same thing to it as it does to Thanksgiving and is beginning to do to Halloween.  The new year fast approaches, and honestly, 2009 is one of the best years I’ve had in quite some time.  You’ll have to ignore my many complaints because honestly, I just complain a lot.  That’s something I’m going to try to resolve in 2010, but I’m getting ahead of myself.  First I want to discuss my previous (2009) resolutions and then I will contemplate on new ones.

In case you’ve forgotten my 2009 resolutions (which I kind of hope you have because that would be weird if you knew all of them…), I will list them again.

1) Not to be so shy.
2) Maintain my weight and get into shape.
3) Not to let college get to me!!!
4) Learn that it’s okay to say no sometimes.
5) Improve my Japanese.

Have I accomplished them?  I would say yes to most of them.  The only one that has given me the most trouble was not letting college get to me.  Actually, I think I failed that one pretty good, but the others went pretty well considering.  I’m definitely not as shy anymore.  I’ve met a good amount of new people, and I actually asked for phone numbers.  As far as getting into shape, I would say yes to that.  I managed to train for and run my first 5k this year thanks to Sarah who ran it with me (and then went on to a 10k, yay!)  Sure, since school started back, I’ve let exercise fall behind, but I feel like it was necessary.  As far as college getting to me, the closest I came to achieving this was not taking the final in Geography and accepting a B.  Most of you know that’s a giant step for me to just take a B like that and not even try on the final, but I have regressed again.  College was trying to kick my ass this semester and I fought with it the whole time.  I have learned that it’s okay to say no sometimes, and now I frequently do so.  A good number of my friends can attest to this heh heh.  And the final resolution of the year, improving my Japanese.  This was probably the most successful of my resolutions due to two main factors.  1) I took a formal class this last semester, and while it was not that hard, it forced me to learn vocabulary and kanji (which are the two big parts I suck at).  2) I participated in JSO (which forced me to speak with native speakers) and I practiced with Shunsuke and Mai.  If it wasn’t for this last half of the year, this resolution would have gone un-checked.

So since I have to go grocery shopping now and I have to work for the next 3 or 4 days, I don’t know when I will write another post, but the next one will have my 2010 resolutions.  I’m not too sure what that will include, but I’m going to try to make it something I can achieve again.  Until then, Happy whatever you celebrate and a great big Bah Humbug from me~

P.S. Since I’m not really old enough to remember the good bits from the first part of this decade (I was 9 when it started), please leave your favorite book, movie, album, song, etc from the decade as a comment.  I know one person who has already made a list (my brother in law over at wyrmis.com.  But please, feel free to post your favorites from the past 10 years!


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