The Move from Facebook

As some of you may or may not know, this blog started out on livejournal several years ago.  I didn’t update regularly and barely even logged in.  It was just sort of a place for me to rant about different things in my life, which can be said for many blogs.  Later I made an unintentional move to myspace.  The unintentional part is that I just never logged back into livejournal.  Eventually my rantings on my life just got posted to myspace.  This was also at myspace’s heyday, so people would actually read what I posted.

Slowly, my posts began to evolve.  Things like poetry and other random tidbits from my life, be it something interesting I heard in class or some random event that happened, began to be included.  It began to turn into something more than a bitch fest.  Then, maybe two years ago, I started to put more effort into my blog.  I began to research things, do little projects, and post more creative material such as stories and poems.

There was a problem though.  Myspace was no longer working as a good place to post blogs.  Most of my friends didn’t even login to myspace, my blogs were started to be ignored.  Myspace had also become less user-friendly.  I remember losing posts sometimes because myspace would have random glitches and would not save my draft.  That’s about the time I decided to move my blog to facebook.  Pretty much everyone I know has a facebook, and notes posted showed up on the news feed, so my blog would not go ignored.  Over the next year, all of my posts were made via facebook.  Up until recently, there were no problems.  Then the question of my blog’s visibility came up again after the change to live feed by facebook.

I noticed that not nearly as many comments were being made on my posts.  There was no real way I could track my readers though (as opposed to myspace which is the one feature I miss).  So I made a status update asking who still reads my blog.  There were a handful of responses, and some said they could not even see when I posted anymore.  The live feed, I feel, is too random to be sure what I post actually gets seen.  I don’t really trust it anymore.  I also don’t trust facebook with my more creative posts such as poems and short stories, so they often got left off.  Facebook claims to own certain things, and I just don’t want them to be able to claim my original works.  So I felt like it was time to move my blog once more.

I’m going to post status updates and link to my word press   I update.  I’m hoping that will increase my blog’s visibility.  I’ve also made it a public blog, which means some things will be left out, but for the most part, I’m not going to censor things like I did on facebook.  Hopefully this will work, because I really enjoy writing, but I often feel like it is pointless if no one reads what I post.  So unless something needs to be said on facebook, consider this the last post to my blog using facebook.



  1. Doug said,

    December 20, 2009 at 9:36 pm

    Feed added to me aggregator.

  2. Doug said,

    December 20, 2009 at 9:37 pm

    Blog also added to the blogroll on my home page.

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