May 11, 2014: Eurovision!

For those of you who don’t know, last week was the Eurovision Song Contest.  This is a three night event (spread over five days) where the majority of countries in Europe enter a song from their home country and compete.  The contest has a reputation of having some really terrible entries.  For example: Ireland 2008 and Ukraine 2007.  Now don’t get me wrong, some of the entries aren’t that bad.  Most are just really mediocre pop songs pandering their usual four-chord, key-changing tunes to the masses, trying to be as unoffensive as possible.  And hey, there are actually some pretty decent songs as well, one of my favorites being Finland 2006.  That being said I did actually enjoy myself whilst watching the contest due to two major factors: 1. Friends and 2. Booze


We ended up playing a drinking game in both the semi-finals and the finals to ensure we would enjoy this year’s Eurovision.  And to my knowledge, everyone did.  We brought snacks and booze and made snarky comments where snarky comments were due.  We danced along with the more poppy tunes and made fun of most of the ballads.  We groaned with every key change and every four-chord song and we shouted for our favorite countries to go through to the finals/get enough points to beat the competition.  And through it all, Austria won with their entry, which isn’t a bad song at all, but I really didn’t think it was the best one in the mix.  And the dead last losers, I’m sad to say, was France with their mustache song (apparently the entire song is about him wanting to have a mustache, but it’s catchy and more memorable than some of the other songs.)  So upon the results we had the winner (or the highest placing representative we had there, which turned out to be Hungary) take a shot of strawberry vodka (less nice than it sounds) and the loser had to drink a dirty pint, which consisted mostly of off brand Jager (not nice at all) and milk.  Yum.


Honorable mentions (at least in my opinion) go to:


Overall I would say it was a nice way to spend most of the week.  Unfortunately I didn’t do much outside of that, especially considering how much it rained all week.  Here’s hoping it stops raining so much, even though I should probably rest up a bit.  Soon I will be going to Siegen with the Verband.


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