April 20, 2014: It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown!

I know I have been doing a terrible job of writing every week as of late, and really, I have no excuse.  But let me try to amend that by doing some catching up.  My plan is to be completely caught up by Tuesday of next week.  So hopefully I will write like mad until I get there.  And hopefully I will remember everything I’ve done…


Going to Saas Fee for a week of skiing was awesome, but unfortunately going meant that I missed the entire first week of classes.  Well,  more like the entire first Monday of classes.  Yes, that means that I only have real classes on Monday, with my belly dance class late in the evening and my poi class happening to fall on a Thursday.  Before you think I am super lazy and actually did this on purpose, let me explain.  I actually signed up for six classes, but the others were wait listed by the time I got to it and sadly, I did not get in those other classes.  I thought about branching out and taking some in the English department here, but that didn’t pan out either.  So I just decided not to worry about any of it (like I was going to anyway) and devote my time instead, to earning money and using that money to do a bit more traveling.  As for my classes, I like most of them, especially the belly dance and the poi class.  I also really like my German dialects class and have even managed to make some friends in there.  Although I do have a hunch that foreign students tend to have some sort of gravitational effect on other foreign students considering two are from Brazil and one other girl is from the Ukraine.  My other two classes… well it’s going to take some convincing to go back.  The literature class is rather boring, and to be perfectly honest, now that I have access to the materials online, it really makes me not want to go.  I really only decided to take the class in order to get an overview of the various literary movements in German literature for my comps next year.  The other class has the potential for being interesting, but I don’t think I like the professor all that much.


That aside I had a pretty awesome week.  We kicked off that last Sunday by meeting Ela and staying all afternoon in the park, juggling, talking, eating ice cream, and playing guitar.  It was also the first time I had seen Ela in about a month because she had to go back to Poland for awhile.  It was nice.  As for other things I did that week, I spent a lot of time outside, especially juggling, since the weather was so great, and I also spent a lot of time riding my bike to random places.  I also realized that the forest behind my dorms goes back way farther than I had originally thought.  I also watched some movies and caught up on Game of Thrones.  We also had a barbecue, which originally was in a park, but was moved after the police came and told us, along with several others, that we are only allowed to grill in non-grass areas, which really takes half of the fun out of it.  So we moved to Ela’s and grilled out in her courtyard.  We had sausages, pork chops, several veggies, and some grilled feta.


And of course I can’t talk about this week/weekend without mentioning Easter!  And let me just say, Easter is a pretty big deal here in Germany.  Not only do they get the actual holiday off, but they also get the Thursday and Friday (Green Thursday and Good Friday) before, as well as the Monday after (Easter Monday).  So we had a pretty long weekend (not that I didn’t already, heh.)  And on Sunday, not only was it Easter, but it was also Ela’s birthday!  Our small celebration started off around 2 when we went to the aroma garden and had wine and cake (which I made the night before.  It was some sort of sponge cake with cream filling and I topped it with some mandarin oranges.)  It was very nice.  But having our luck, soon dark gray clouds loomed over our heads, with Tom and Ela assuring us that it wasn’t going to rain, or at least according to the Norwegian weather forecast.  We decided to pack up anyway, not wanting to ruin the second half of our tasty confection.  We had almost completed our 10 minute walk back to Ela’s, when the heavens opened up and drenched us with buckets of water.  The cake was okay though, so don’t worry.




Grumbling about the rainy weather and promising to write the Norwegian weather forecasters a nice letter, we made it back to Ela’s and made an early dinner consisting of pasta, feta, tomato sauce, tomatoes, onions, garlic, zucchini, and mushrooms.  We all ate until our stomachs groaned and still somehow managed to have leftovers.  And since by that point the sun was shining, we decided to go out and play Frisbee and juggle.  However, we did decide to stay close to shelter considering the torrential downpour earlier.  So we found a nice square right beside Ela’s and stayed there until dark.  We continued to drink our wine and cherry vodka (from Poland!) and we eventually finished off the rest of the cake.  There was also a bit of tree climbing involved since Tom took every tree’s presence in the square as a challenge to his tree climbing abilities.  After it had gotten dark we watched a couple of movies, one of which was the basis for the American remake, Dinner for Schmucks.  You can watch the trailer for the original French version here.  Then that was about it for the day.  I think we might have ended up watching something else as well… maybe Death at a Funeral?  But the details are getting a bit fuzzy and we have watched several movies together recently.  Unfortunately I can’t seem to keep them straight.


And that about sums up the first part of my Easter holiday.  I will get to posting the few photos I have later on and hopefully I can catch up on my blog!  Until then!


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