March 11, 2014: A Day in the Life of a Potato

So for the week following my return from the tropical islands I did almost nothing.  It was like I never really came back from vacation.  Yes my body was physically back in Erlangen, but my brain was still frying in the iridescent sun underneath a painted blue sky mural.  Not that it wasn’t a completely awesome week mind you, just terribly unproductive, even by my standards since I’ve been in Germany.  That should give you a clue right there.


Tuesday as you may or may not know is Fasching here, which I guess is kind of similar to Mardi Gras, but not really.  It’s more of Halloween though in the sense that everyone dresses up in costumes (many of the female ones being a bit scant) and has an excuse to drink.  I didn’t really have anything to dress up in, but I did get my face painted and then left it on the entire day because it was pretty epic.  I did not really partake in most of the festivities outside of helping with the Kinderfasching (children’s Fasching) with my juggling group.  I think they do this every year, but we set out all of the juggling and acrobatic stuff and sort of let the kids have a go at everything.  While I think the point was for us to try and teach them how to juggle and do some other simple things, in reality we just tried to make sure the kids didn’t end up killing themselves.  And some of the kids were pretty great, actually the majority of them were.  But there were also some demon children to be had.  I had to take my hoop away from one little boy who had made it is goal to bounce on it until it ultimately broke.  There was also a little girl who decided to find every single balloon and proceed to pop them.  And after about five hours of this, I was pretty done.  It’s sort of like this




Later that evening we decided to make pancakes, which was really exciting at first because I thought Donald meant real pancakes like these.  Nope, pancakes in Europe means crepes.  Every time.  Not that I don’t like crepes, they are amazing.  I have nothing against crepes and to be honest, I am more of a waffle fan back home anyway.  But something about being in Germany makes me fairly sentimental about every American food.  I honestly did not eat all that much grits back home but since arriving here I started to crave them so badly that I had my parents send me a package with them.  But all that aside, the crepes were pretty awesome.  I think the winning combination for the night, and also the combination that screams ‘Murica, Fuck Yeah! would have to be strawberry jam, ice cream, and cookies crumbled on top.  One of the guys there even commented on the amount of ice cream on my plate as a sort of side dish to my already sweet crepes.  Yeah, it was a night of fun and diabetes.




The weather here (for those of you back home enjoying slightly better weather at the moment) was absolutely gorgeous.  The highs hovered around 60F and most days there was not a single cloud to be seen in the sky.  One of the highlights of last week actually was getting to go for a little hike near Erlangen one afternoon.  Essentially you go north on Gebbertstrasse until you find the trails that go up the large hill, which eventually plateaus as you are met with some sort of agricultural field and several trails with benches scattered throughout.  Donald and I just walked about for awhile finding random trails which didn’t venture too far from the hill.  Then we found a nice bench, but only after the best bench was swiped right from under our noses by a pair of smug bike riders who got to not only enjoy the marvelous view afforded to them by the bench, but also got to gloatingly stare down at us from their perch as we were harassed by the swarm of flies attracted to the trashcan nearby.  Okay, so it wasn’t that bad, but it still felt planned considering they left at the same time we did and rode past us on their way down, almost as if to rub in their victory.




Outside of that I have done a bit of walking and a bit of juggling and hooping.  I have also managed to watch a decent amount of movies/tv shows.  I think one of my favorite shows so far would have to be Still Game, which is a Scottish show about a group of retirees and their antics.  I would recommend it, but it does take a bit of getting used to the dialect.


So outside of that there really isn’t all that much to talk about for this week.  Next weekend should be entertaining though.  I am going to Neu Schwanstein (think real life Disney castle) on Friday with a group of friends and I am potentially staying with a friend in Munich after that.  Hopefully everything will pan out nicely, but it will be an early and long start on Friday.


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