February 17, 2014: Valentine’s Day and Bad Southern Accents

So this past week has been much of the same ol’ same ol’.  I promise come this weekend I will have some more actual traveling experiences (and the weekend after as well!)  I would like to mention something I did last week, but in my rush to finish that post I accidentally left it out.  I went to see a pretty kick ass jazz/big band concert, in which a couple of my friends performed (piano and chorus).  I also watched the classical concert beforehand, and while there were several good pieces, it was a sort of hit or miss kind of thing.  Oh well, it was nice and I got to also see some other friends who went to watch.  That little tidbit aside, allow me to fill you in on the day-to-day Erlangen business of this week before delving into my weekend.

Last week marked the beginning of my intermediate belly dancing class (Last Thursday to be exact).  We are actually learning how to dance with a veil, which is pretty awesome.  For those of you who are interested, here is a link to a legit troupe doing a dance with a veil.  Right now it isn’t terribly hard (with the exception of one move that my brain can’t seem to wrap itself around).  It’s something to do with flipping the veil over your arms and behind your back.  It’s kind of hard to explain in words.  But anyway, we got maybe halfway through the dance and it was pretty fun.  It’s a bit nicer to be dancing for an hour and a half instead of only an hour, so we aren’t nearly as pressed for time.  And who knows, maybe one day I will post a video of one of our dances, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one…

As for the rest of last week, there was some more hooping and juggling and cooking and movie watching.  I have also been wasting a lot of time watching a show called Penn and Teller: Bullshit! which is two magicians making a show about what most people already know, but it’s not bad.  I have learned some things from it, like apparently there are people crazy enough out there who think having a dolphin help them give birth in the ocean with no doctors or nurses or anyone with any medical knowledge is a good idea.  Yeah, it’s pretty crazy.  Part of me wonders if some of the people they get on here are not just trolling, but who knows.  It’s fun.  I’ve also been watching a lot of TED Talks on a whole host of subjects.  I will link a few of my favorite for those of you who have some time to kill.
Cindy Gallop: Make Love, Not Porn
Amanda Palmer: The Art of Asking
Susan Cain: The Power of Introverts

So I guess that brings us up to Valentine’s Day, which I kind of have a weird stance on it.  Maybe like most Americans it depends on whether or not I have someone to spend it with, but I won’t go into too much detail on my ever changing opinions on the holiday aside from if I have someone to spend it with, I would like to do something, even if it isn’t much, with them.  And yes, for those curious, I did do something this last Friday.  Delicious food and wine was involved.  I also may have watched an episode of South Park.  It was a pretty nice Friday evening spent, if I do say so myself.  Oh, and I managed to make some chocolate rum balls with one of my friends for the occasion as well.  They were delicious (and the recipe is actually in the recipe section!)

Most of Saturday was spent lazing around, at least until I went to see the Tennessee Williams’ play Orpheus Descending with a bunch of juggling folks.  After getting used to the initial jarring effect of the very German actors attempting a southern accent I really enjoyed the play.  Of course anything by Tennessee Williams is a very dramatic and entertaining piece.  I just think it might have been a bit better had they not attempted the accents because at times it noticeably detracted from the acting as well as the audience’s ability to understand everything.  Not to say everyone had a hard time with this.  There were two particular actresses who had a decent accent, even though one sometimes slipped into a more English accent.  I must say, everything else about it was pretty good (costumes, light, set, etc.).  They story itself did hit home a couple of times for me.  I guess I kind of understand how Germans feel when people talk about the Holocaust.  It’s just a feeling like, yeah, that’s my heritage.  I’m not proud but it is important to talk about it and discuss its repercussions.  Besides, it is Tennessee Williams.  I can’t say I didn’t expect it, heh.

Sunday was a bit of a wash.  I didn’t really feel super great most of the day so I just stayed in for the most part.  I was going to go to a viewing of a short movie called Bouncing in Paris, which is basically an hour of juggling with balls that bounce instead of up in the air.  I decided to be lazy instead though, story of my life.  I ended up at one point going for a walk just to get outside.  Nothing too spectacular.  Today more than made up for it though.  I pretty much spent the entire afternoon outside juggling and hooping in the Schlosspark.  It was nice and several people stopped to chat.  It did sort of bother me when I noticed that two guys were videoing me at one point, but then again that could also have been the hunger setting in.

Anyway, I will have plenty of adventures to share after this weekend when my program goes to Kaiserslautern!  And I will get to see some of the awesome UA folk again, which is always nice.  Things are starting to pick back up as winter draws to a close, or at least hopefully it is.


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