February 12, 2014: Have you Missed me?

Yeah, I haven’t been exactly on top of writing for the past couple of weeks.  To be perfectly honest I have been way too busy being completely lazy.  I did briefly endeavor to write one last weekend, but when I actually sat down and thought about what I did, well nothing really came to mind.  So I decided to skip last weekend’s post in hopes that I would have something to write about this weekend.  And well, I do have a bit to write about, but it’s really not all that much.  I promise that soon I will get back to traveling and other fun things, but until then: Aus dem Leben eines Taugenichts (from a Life of a Good-for-Nothing, which is a book by Joseph von Eichendorff)


I’ll start off by saying that I have started reading a book in German (in hopes that I will actually do something proactive to make my German better while I am here).  The book in question is Tintenherz (or Inkheart for my non-German speaking readers).  So far it’s been pretty good.  My progress has been rather slow going though, because I am actually taking the time to look up new words and maybe learn them.  I have also managed to somehow fit in a bit of reading for my comps into my busy busy schedule.  Sadly that reading is a bit less fun though.  And speaking of UA, I was finally able to look at potential classes for next semester (i.e. when I get back, not the next semester at uni here).  Some of them look like they could be interesting.  Sadly I think the study abroad has limited my linguistics classes options within the actual Modern Languages and Classics department though.  The professor may sort of cycle through some of the classes he teaches.  Long story short, I’ve already taken one of the classes he is offering next semester (History of the German Language), but he is teaching a Teaching Methodology as well, which I have to take but I am perfectly okay with that.  As for other options I am debating: English Linguistics, History of the English Language, and another Applied Linguistics class (with a different focus than my last at UA).  And no, I don’t know when or what I will be teaching next semester (although it is likely going to be German 101).  The good news is that the earliest class so far is 10, but the bad news is that almost all of them are still taught every stinking day.  First world problems.


As far as things I have done these past couple of weeks, well I’ve managed to hang out with several people doing various things.  I know, be a little more vague on the details.  Most things have involved food, and some shopping.  I went to the outdoor flohmarkt here (which is essentially a yard sale where everyone sells things in one area).  I’ve gone to a couple of cafes.  I tried out a new taco place in Erlangen, and while it’s not as good as Tex Mex should be, it wasn’t bad and it was relatively cheap (most Mexican restaurants in German are quite expensive).  I give them props mostly because the salsa was actually a little spicy and NOT SWEET!  I also made some fried chicken and corn bread for one of my friends, which was very good.  It tasted like home.  It’s kind of weird though.  I didn’t really ever make a whole lot of fried chicken and such while I was home, but I find that I just start craving it over here for some reason, and when I do make it and finally get to eat it, it just feels really comforting.


On of the main things that I have done was last Sunday when I went to a Japanese party (which this one was actually much more of a cultural event than a crazy party due mainly to the fact that it was held in the afternoon on a Sunday).  It was pretty awesome though (those girls really know how to plan a fun time and make good food!)  The main food was their DIY sushi.  They had already made all of the ingredients and set them out on a long buffet style table and we just got to pick and choose and make our own sushi wraps.  They ingredients ranged from the more traditional salmon and tuna to a more German ham and bacon.  They also had live music (piano and oboe) which were played by two very talented girls.  There was talking and eating and general merriment.  Another sort of spur of the moment activity was when one of the girls split us into two groups and we sang an improvised song with a two part harmony.  I really felt like I was in music class due to the fact that we found some tambourines and shakers laying around.  Someone took a video of it I believe, so I might share it later.  We also made some origami paper cranes and they even gave us our own Japanese names (mine is Arisa).  It was a really nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon.






Other than that it’s been a lot of juggling, hooping, pool playing, and movie watching.  I must take a little bit of time here to brag.  I am now able to somewhat juggle clubs.  My new record for catching them is 21.  I am (hopefully) well on my way to being able to pass come the juggling convention at the end of the month.  Here’s hoping :)


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