January 26, 2013: A Night of Firsts…

But first, what I did before the excitement that was Saturday.  Most of this past week I have been a weird sort of half sick.  I definitely wasn’t 100%, but I didn’t really feel all that terrible.  Just fairly tired and I had some sinus issues.  The only time where I just felt awful was when I would first wake up in the morning, but it generally wore off after about an hour or so.  Normally that would mean any sane person would take it easy for the week.  Not me.  While I was pretty lazy on Tuesday, I typically take the stance that when I am ill that I’m going to feel bad no matter what.  So I can either feel bad and be cooped up at home or I can be somewhat productive.


With that being said my week itself has not been all that exciting.  I managed to go to all of my classes this week, with the exception of that one 8:15 class I gave up on a long time ago.  I did some studying for all of those exams I’m not actually taking, but hey, I do want to learn the material seeing as it could be useful in the near future when my comps role around.  I watched the Truman Show, which I have to say, I enjoyed very much and also tried out a new recipe for Greek chicken pasta (which I think needs a decent amount of tweaking, but I was told my attempt was tasty).  I also went to a party on Thursday night with some friends.  It was to celebrate not only a birthday, but also my friend’s completion of her Master’s thesis!  It was pretty nice and my German got a decent work out, but only after constantly insisting on speaking German instead of English.  If I could only change my accent to something else so they didn’t automatically know I am American… I also managed to fix my bike.  Again.  This time it was only the back light that wasn’t working though.  It was really a pretty easy fix, I just had to go to E-werk to borrow some tools.  Sadly there wasn’t much juggling to be done this week since the only night it was scheduled to be on turned out to be a lie.  There was some sort of miscommunication actually, but we made the best of it by going and having a few beers and chatting.  I would like to note that apparently I was a weird child because I had imaginary friends growing up.  Only me and two other people I’m friends with (one in the States and the other here) had them.  Yes, I’m done diverging.  I also got my glasses in this week.  While everyone has been really nice about them, I don’t think I really care for them yet.  It will probably take some getting used to, because I’ve never worn such obvious glasses.  But to sum up what I think of them, the day I got them I put them on and then proceeded to wear my cardigan around all day so I could really throw my new librarian look together.  I think someone even said I look like a geography teacher…  I suppose you can be the judge here.




So I guess from most people’s perspective, it’s been another pretty uneventful week.  Don’t think it was bad, because it definitely wasn’t that.  I’m just not really feeling up to making this bit interesting.  So hopefully if you aren’t bored/already asleep at this point (go you for making it through a pretty mundane first two paragraphs!) Now, onto this weekend filled with firsts!


Saturday morning/afternoon was a pretty lazy day for me.  I still haven’t been 100% (even as I’m writing I’m not) so I decided to take it easy before the awesomeness that was Burns Night.  It was actually more of a general celebration of Scotland (read: another excuse for an international party with a bit of a cultural flair).  This means that I got to try Haggis, which I must say, really gets a bad rep in America.  For those of you too lazy to read the wiki page, Haggis is essentially sheep innards cooked inside the animal’s stomach with some other things thrown in.  While we actually had canned Haggis instead, and while it both looked and smelled a bit like dog food, it was actually quite tasty.  It was served, of course, with ‘Neeps and Tatties (mashed turnips and mashed potatoes), which you are apparently supposed to eat all three together.  It really made the Haggis a lot less strong, which was probably a good thing considering how much was put on my plate.  As long as I managed not to think about what exactly I was eating though, there were no problems.  Oh, and let’s not forget the Scottish whiskey.  It was probably some of the best whiskey I’ve ever had.  I had originally brought some coke to mix with it, but it probably would have been a criminal offense to ruin such a good whiskey.






On top of that there was live music (guitar and accordion provided by our hosts) and some Scottish dancing.  Now, in a room full of completely sober adults learning these dances probably wouldn’t have taken any time at all.  They weren’t terribly complicated.  However when alcohol is added to the equation, well we come up with a different formula altogether.  It’s something like: number of people x complexity of task + alcohol = hilarity ensuing shortly thereafter.  Essentially everyone was having too much fun to really get the dances right, but that’s all that really matters in the long run.  Oh, and we did manage to get a bit of fireworks in at one point.  See, candles and drunk people are always a dangerous combination (see equation above).  One of the party-goers had a bit of a brain glitch when she thought that several of the candles on the table were a bit too close together.  Grabbing the first thing she saw, she threw it on the flames, not realizing that it was in fact beer.  The flames erupted in front of her, but luckily they did not last for very long before petering out.  It was quite a fantastic end to our dancing, I must say.




Apart from that it was much like any other party.  There was drinking, dancing, chatting, and general merriment.  Then something amazing happened.  It started to snow.  And not only was it snowing fairly hard, it was also sticking!  This was a pretty exciting moment for me, because in Alabama, snow is fairly uncommon.  Not to say that it never snows.  I does maybe once every two years.  It’s just never all that much and it melts pretty quickly.  So when we get snow in Alabama, it is a huge deal.  (To give you an idea, I remember sticking snow in my freezer as a child in a sad attempt to save the magic for later.)  This is why I decided to run outside while it was snowing, sans coat, to play in it for a bit.  No, I wasn’t even that drunk.  After getting thoroughly excited and making people promise to play in it with me if there was enough, I went back to enjoying the party.  By the time everyone had left and we had done a bit of cleaning up, Tom, Donald, and I decided to play in the snow, despite how tired we all were at this point.  No regrets.  We had a small snowball fight followed by an attempt at a five tier snowman, or as I like to refer to him as, the snowman centipede.  It was my first time attempting a snowman more than a foot tall.  And while I did my best to help, Donald and Tom’s snowman building skills were far superior to mine.  I managed to roll out a decent looking head.  Too bad for us though, when we tried to get it on top of the fourth torso (which was already over 6ft at this point) Tom dropped the head and we just settled for what we had.  Sadly it didn’t last very long.  Shortly after our pictures it toppled over, but it was well worth it to me.  Dream fulfilled.  Now the next time we get a good snow we will have to attempt an igloo.  Here’s hoping anyway.



*Special thanks to Camille for the photos!


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  1. Sarah said,

    February 11, 2014 at 3:00 pm

    I like your new glasses; they frame your face well. :) Remember the plastic frames I had a few years ago? I cried the first time I saw myself in them…I hated them that much b/c it was so different from the metal frames. They turned out pretty awesome though, so give it some time. I’m sure you will like them a lot.

    Also, you have already built an “igloo” though you may be too young to remember. The blizzard of 1993 was enough snow that the slide of our swing set was completely covered in snow, so we tunneled it out as a snow fort. I don’t remember making a snowman though I can’t imagine why not.

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