January 4, 2014: The New Year and I don’t Know What Day it is Anymore

So I guess I need to share what New Year’s is like in Germany, for those of you who have never experienced it before.  I can sum it up in about one word: dangerous.  The amount of drunk people shooting off fireworks in city squares surrounded by both buildings and crowds of people is too damn high.  I don’t think there are quite as many restrictions here as there are stateside.  I felt like I was having World War II flashbacks I never had.  It was all pretty festive though.  The energy was nice, and hey, I only heard sirens about 3 times in the 45 minute span I was actually outdoors.  I ended up heading to the E-werk to watch some legit fireworks, which I must say, were pretty impressive.  I felt like it was the grand finale most places put on for the 4th of July in the U.S., but for 10 minutes.  They just kept on going with the awesomeness.  After they had shot enough of their money into the air and watched it explode into a million different colors and lights, we were left with a thick hazy smog coating the ground and remnants of the exploded shells which littered the ground.  About this time we decided to head to a bar and drink for awhile, which we did.  It was nice and a more laid back New Year’s than what I typically do.  I am ready for my Erlangen folks to come back though!

So that being said I will briefly recap what I’ve done since then, even though it’s not terribly exciting.  I went to Fürth to find the American food store (even though I think it might just be sweets from what I read online).  Sadly they were not open and won’t be back until the 6th.  I’ll be interested to go again because there is an appalling lack of peanut butter related candies here.  Then yesterday I went to Nürnberg and the Dokumentations Museum (read Nazi museum) in the old Congress hall they were building.  It was pretty interesting, even though I knew a lot of what they had there already.  It was a bit of a confidence boost doing the audio-tour in German and understanding almost everything, except when Hitler spoke.  I don’t know why, but for some reason I can not understand him, ever.  Maybe my brain just doesn’t comprehend crazy.  Anyway, it was neat to see the plans the Nazis had for Nürnberg and what was left of them (many of their plans just didn’t get finished, and some were destroyed after the Allies won).  I highly recommend spending the 3 Euros and seeing it though.

That really about does it for this week, and subsequently catches me back up on my blog.  I would like to talk about New Years resolutions for a bit though.  I’ve been toying with several ideas for some, mostly involving traveling.  I think just as a general goal I want to cross off some more European countries from my travel bucket list.  I know this is a bit of an obvious one, but I’ve already been over here for four months and I haven’t gone outside of Germany.  I need to fix this.  As far as places I want to visit, I probably need to trim down the list a bit to make it possible, but here are some general places I want to go to:

Paris (mayhaps)
Venice/Rome/Florence/Verona (really anywhere in Italy)
Croatia (not sure on an exact city)
Poland (mayhaps)

If I could somehow manage that list, I think I would be pretty set.  We’ll see.  Step 1: find a way to make a bit more money over here. Step 2: find people to go with me.  A bit of a less exciting resolution, actually read more for my comps, which are looming ever closer.  I haven’t quite decided on a third one, but it will probably involve some form of self improvement.  We’ll see.  As for you guys, what are your New Year’s resolutions?


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