December 29, 2013: I’m a Computer, Stop all the Downloadin’

So if you are wondering why I haven’t written a post in so long, there are two really good reasons.  First reason, I have been traveling, but more on that in a minute.  The second reason: my computer finally gave out.  Diagnosis: my hard drive is failing.  This really makes me wonder what I do to hard drives which makes them ultimately give up on life and off themselves.  Am I too critical of my computer?  Often times I find my colorful use of language directed at this seemingly inanimate object in front of me, only for it to feed my hypothesis that it actually hates me by shutting down or freezing.  Is it the fact that it is a dell computer from 2008 that is running what most consider Windows worst operating system (Vista)?  I’ve counted myself among the lucky few that have not had several severe problems with this OS and with Dell computers in general.  Who can really know, or rather, how could I ever know even if someone much more capable explained it to me?  As previously mentioned before, I am secretly an old lady who both despises and is despised by technology.  Luckily I have a friend who knows a lot about computers here and he is currently helping me to fix the issue.  Unfortunately this requires buying a new hard drive with what little Christmas money I still have yet to receive, heh.  Being an adult is not always fun.


That aside I guess I should talk about what I’ve been up to for the past couple of weeks.  I have a friend visiting me from America at present.  Most of the first part of the break has been devoted to various excursions and site seeing.  We went to several Christmas markets (most of which I had already been to) and went ice skating.  There was also a bit of German Lion King thrown in there.  Oh, and I did manage to go to most of my classes that week, with the exception of Thursday, which I skipped altogether because screw my Thursday classes anyway.


Speaking of Thursday, that was when I went to Frankfurt, which was the first leg of my travels over the break (the others being Bonn, Cologne, and Dusseldorf, and please excuse my lack of umlauts due to my present computer situation).  Frankfurt is a pretty awesome city to go to, especially since I have friends there who are awesome enough to let me stay at their place.  Unfortunately though, one of them was in Thailand, which made me sad not to get to see her, but more jealous than anything.  Jealousy aside I really enjoyed seeing more of the city.  I saw the Christmas market there and wandered around the main shopping area for awhile, only stopping every now and then to look at an interesting building.  The next day I went to the church and climbed up the tower.  Luck was on my side since the sun decided to come out and I was able to get some pretty good pictures of the city.  The church itself was pretty nice; there was red brick all in the inside, which was pretty unique considering most of the older churches have either stone walls or they have been painted white.  There was coffee and cake involved either before or after that, I’m not entirely sure which.  Then it was off to the film museum.




Yeah, that is as awesome as that sounds.  The first floor was devoted to the evolution of cinema.  So it started with the little scenes which were made of various layers people could move about and tell a story, and went through flip books, photographs, shadow plays, and so on until they finally got to the somewhat primitive film projector.  This was where I was a bit disappointed because while there were so many technological advances in film making after this point, this is where the history ended.  Okay, so this little fact is probably relevant, if I go to a museum, I want to read every little thing there is to read (provided hunger hasn’t diverted both my attention and patience) and the fact that it just abruptly jumped from the history and development of cinematography, which was at first so thorough, to just basics about movie making sure as costumes, acting, editing, and props, just was a bit jarring to me.  That aside the second floor with the aforementioned things was equaling interesting, I just wish they had incorporated it a bit better.  Also cool to note on this floor were the Alien from Alien, Darth Vader’s mask, and the models for Jack Skelington’s different expressions in the movie Nightmare before Christmas.  There was also an interactive part where you could play with the music/sound from different movie scenes as well as editing.  Overall it was a pretty awesome museum.




The real highlight of the day came after the museum though.  This was when the hunt for the only Chipotle in Germany began.  After walking around the main part of the city for awhile and realizing luck (read Jesus) was not going to take the wheel and lead us to the elusive oasis of TexMex food, we happened upon an Apple store.  This may sound unhelpful, but the tablets provided us with internet, and directions to Chipotle.  After walking for another 20 minutes we finally found it.  I could, at this point, no longer contain my girlish joy as I bounded up to the practically empty register and ordered my tacos.  My level of excitement clearly did not match the excitement of the other patrons as they ate their burritos and gave me most apprehensive looks.  They clearly haven’t realized the power of Chipotle yet, which is honestly, their loss.  That aside, my tacos were delicious and mostly the same as I would find at home.  The only downside, they were a bit more expensive than the already somewhat expensive ones back home.  Oh well, it was totally worth the money and the inevitable food baby which soon followed.




The next day was spent at the Staedel, which is the really big art museum in Frankfurt.  And yes, I spent about five hours in there and would have stayed longer if it wasn’t for my growling stomach which beckoned me through the latter parts of the museum.  The museum actually covered different art from around the 13th century until the present, so you can imagine how large it actually was.  Highlights would have to be some of the works of Picasso and Monet, as well as a couple of other artists, whose names I have sadly forgotten now that it has been a week.  There was also a large exhibit on Albrecht Duerer, who was pretty important to the German art movement because he helped bring the Renaissance methods of perspective to German art.  His works are also really detailed and just beautiful to look at.  After Duerer, we breezed right on through the contemporary art, due not only to my hunger, but also due to the fact that some of the works annoy me due to their simplicity.  I’m sorry, but just because you use a paint roller and smear black paint all over an entire canvas and then call it “Black on Black” does not make it art.  Okay, done ranting.




After that we went to a more obscure Christmas market on the edge of town.  It was a bit sketchy getting there because we took a bus to this gas station, where we were to meet a friend of a friend who would drive us the rest of the way to the market.  While I trust this friend and subsequently his friend, it was pretty seedy waiting at a gas station for a person you don’t know in the dark.  But the market was really nice and not crowded at all.  There was apple wine to be had and bratwurst as well.  And the company was nice.


So that just about wraps up Frankfurt.  The next day we hopped on a train and rode the two to three hours north to Bonn, but that is another post for another time as I slowly play catch up.


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