December 13, 2013: A Slower Paced Weekend

Yeah, this blog post is a bit late, which I like to think is a reflection of how lazy I was this weekend. It’s funny how when I actually go somewhere or do something I tend to write about it pretty quickly, but when I have all the time in the world to write about my boring weekend, it just becomes this impossibly boring task. I guess because I have to put forth a bit more effort to make the post interesting rather than just having the events be interesting enough in and of themselves. Yes, that means this post is probably going to be a bit dull, but I needed a break from all the going and doing I’ve been doing lately. Yeah, I will probably be back to my typical shenanigans during the break, if not two fold, so the next several posts might be a bit scattered. There is a better word out there, but scattered was the first one to come to mind. English hard. Need easy.

As for the high points of last week, I decided class that Thursday was overrated and ended up skipping both classes. Mind you, I was going to skip my afternoon class anyway so that I could go to the Advent Tea the club that is sponsoring me put on, but I decided 8:15 is just too early in the morning, and it was raining, and it was cold, and I have just become infinitely lazy over here. So as far as the Advent Tea went, I rode with a lady who lives near Erlangen to Nürnberg. She is pretty cool, but she made things a bit awkward when at the end of the ride she casually brings up that her husband has unexpectedly died since I last saw her. Then she continued on after about 5 minutes to go into detail. I am a pretty awkward person and I just don’t know what to say to people in situations like this. I tend to just think of this scene from the IT Crowd and and somewhat grateful that I not quite that socially awkward.


The tea itself was pretty nice. There was a ton of different kinds of cakes to try, but I only went with two. There was also a man there who read poetry and played the accordion for us. Interestingly enough he spoke a German dialect which sounded almost Scottish (I think one close the the Czech boarder, but the name of the actual dialect escapes me). It was almost musical. Anyway, it was hard to understand because of his dialect, but I still enjoyed his melodic voice. I also won some coupons to some different places in Nürnberg because they had a raffle. I think they slightly rigged it a bit because they called all of my numbers. Oh, and I didn’t even buy tickets, one of the ladies bought some and gave them to me. They are so awesome and sweet.



After that I wandered around Nürnberg until it was time to meet my friends to watch das Rheingold, which is an opera by Wagner. The opera was…nice. I liked the music and the plot a lot, but they sort made everything else modern, which was weird. There was even a sex scene, which I guarantee wasn’t in the original version and the costumes, at least of the women, were pretty scant. Not that that would normally bother me, but I wasn’t expecting a somewhat gritty reboot. I was expecting to see something closer to what it looked like when it was first performed. Still something to cross off my ever long “Do in Europe” list.



Most of my weekend was devoted to relaxing and reading (finished the Road and started World War Z, and gasp read a total of 15 pages for my comps). I did end up going to the Mideval market in Fürth, which is a part of their Christmas market. It was really cool. There was a stage in the middle where there was a fire show with juggling, poi, double stick, and so on. There were also things like a black smith, where you could buy/try out different weapons. There was a place where you could throw axes, which was quite fun to watch, but I didn’t try. All of the shops sold clothes, jewelry, etc. that looked like it was from the Middle Ages. And of course, they had Glühwein. We also checked out the craft market, which was nice, but really the Mideval market was my favorite.

Also, a bit out of order I suppose, but last Tuesday I went ice skating for the third time in my life. And I’ll have you know, I only fell twice. It was really fun though, even though I felt like a child most of the time because the majority of my ice skating was aided by a penguin. Sadly this penguin was not alive, but it was rather helpful otherwise. Essentially it is designed for beginners to follow behind and lean on to keep their balance. I may have looked like a complete tool, but it was better than falling. And hey, by the end I had managed to skate several rounds without it. Success!



So that’s been about it for last week. I think a lot of this weekend is going to be devoted to Nürnberg and surrounding areas. Mal sehen!


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