November 3, 2013: Oh the Pumpkins

So much of my week consisted of preparing for my Pumpkin Party. This means that most of the week was spent buying ingredients for pumpkin soup and pie, and then trying to figure out how to get around some of the harder to find ingredients (mostly ones you could buy pre-made in America, like pie crusts). This wasn’t terribly hard, just time consuming and somewhat expensive. I essentially invited too many people to eat. Mind you it worked out fine, it just was a bit stressful considering I don’t have my own full kitchen and they don’t have canned pumpkin here. So I had to cook about 10 small pumpkins in order to have enough for everything. (I still don’t know how I got the measurements on that so accurate. I really only had to go to the store once for each set of pumpkins.)

Originally I was going to make Jello shots for everybody, and then it could be a real college-esque Halloween party. Fortunately I realized this was a bad idea before buying everything due to the fact that we had trouble storing all of the other food stuffs in the refrigerator as it was. There was no way I could store all of the shots I would have needed to make. Oh well. Everyone just sort of brought their own booze and some snacks and the party kind of just did its thing. The only draw back was the lack of sound system. I had to run my music from my laptop, which doesn’t go very loud, so unless you were standing right next to it, you couldn’t really hear the music. There was one person who carved a pumpkin (so I guess he wins?), which turned out pretty well. We had a hard time keeping the candle from burning out. A good portion of the party-goers decided to dress up, let me see what costumes I remember. Of course there was our pumpkin (Sandra), a black cat (Arielle), Frankenstein’s bride (Ela), several beer maidens (Ryoko, Shiho, and another Japanese girl whose name escapes me at the moment), some witches (Natalia and Katerina), a dead girl (Aga), a Goth with a sombrero and a guitar? (Donald) and I was the fox. I really enjoyed all of the costumes and all of the effort everyone put into them!




Then things kind of start to get fuzzy for me due to the fact that my friend and my BYOB of choice was tequila. I think everyone had fun, or at least that’s what they told me after the fact. At some point I ended up in a corner with my head in a bucket for the rest of the night (I’m a good host…) but I had fun up until I lost the game (the game being that if you puke after drinking it cancels out the good time and thus you lose).  It also made me realize that I know some pretty awesome people over here.  Thanks again for taking care of me guys!  This meant that I spent Friday and part of Saturday in an almost comatose state, either sleeping or watching movies, one of which being Never Let me Go, which was an upper, except not really.

Then on Sunday I got up somewhat early and went with some friend to the Nürnberg zoo. It was kind of gloomy and wet, and pretty flippin’ cold by the end of the day, but it was a lot of fun. I really like the zoo in Nürnberg, mostly because it is stuck in a pretty wooded area and there was a good deal of nature, not only in general, but also in between exhibits. It was also nice that there were not that many people around, so it was pretty relaxing. On a bit of a sadder note, we noticed that there weren’t any elephants. Turns out they died in 2008 because they got sick. It was a bit weird though, that they haven’t really done anything it seems, to get any more elephants. We also watched a dolphin show, which unlike America, did not have any sort of shitty story line accompanied by failing actors just trying to break it big. No, it was just dolphins, doing flips and shit. Oh, and seals, they were there too. It also actually tried to be informative, so that was nice. We also found the petting zoo (which is technically for kids, but whatever) and we fed some pudgy little goats. And probably my favorite part was getting to see the red panda. Squee!!!! So much cute trapped in such a little body!



After that I went to acrobatics and hooped/attempted to juggle. Although I’m learning new tricks with my hoop, it has been pretty slow going. Hopefully I can also start working on some artistry, and hopefully my belly dancing class will help with that. Which reminds me, I’m taking a belly dance class, and it’s a bit hard. Sometimes I think the teacher thinks I don’t understand what she is saying (it is in German), but no, I’m picking up what she’s puttin’ down, my brain just has no idea how to make my body move that way sometimes. My sister knows this from when she tried to teach me chest slides. Anyway, the point is that I’m enjoying despite being a potato.

And that has essentially been my week. I have no idea what this weekend holds for me, but I will see what sort of fun thing I can come up with to do.

Also, a special thanks to Katerina Vieweghova for the Halloween pictures!


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