October 21, 2013: Coburg is just about the only Cool Thing I did this Week

This past week classes started, but as I have already said, I don’t really have all that many to worry about. Just five, which I know in America would be a full load, but here it just isn’t. I wasn’t able to register for any actual language courses like I had on-again off-again debated due to scheduling conflicts with my linguistics classes, which I would much rather do to be honest. As far as my classes this past week have gone, they have been pretty good. We haven’t actually gotten into the meat of the subject matter as of yet, but we will this week. As far as the students in my classes go, I really haven’t met anyone that I didn’t already know from studying abroad. I think the combination of me being somewhat antisocial/shy and them already potentially had some classes together means I usually sit alone. In one of my classes the teacher sort of pointed me out as being an exchange student, which was kind of embarrassing even though I know she meant well.


I have also continued to go to the acrobatics meetings, but really only the ones on Tuesdays. Last week I managed to juggle a bit better, but not by very much. I also brought my hoop along this time, but unfortunately the connecter I had ghetto-rigged was starting to fail, so by the end of the night I knew it was time to try something else. So I went back to the hardware store and bought the next size up, which in Germany means it’s way bigger, and therefore wouldn’t fit. So I had to really think about what I could use as a make-shift connecter. The original plan was the break the handle off of a screwdriver that was just laying around my dorm. Even though it is sort of a cheap screwdriver, it would not break no matter what I tried. So today I ended up buying a broom handle from the hardware store, sawing off a piece of it, sanding it down into a gradual slope, and using that. Combined with duct tape and all of the decorative tap, it seems to be holding up pretty well. I will see after tomorrow when it really takes a beating.


Outside of that and going out (which I think I only really went out once last week, pretty uneventful compared to the last time I went to this bar actually), really all I did that was interesting was I took a day trip with some friends to Coburg. It’s a small town about an hour from Erlangen by train, so not terribly far. We left kind of early and got there at about 10:30. Then I don’t know, the day just flew by. We slowly made our way through the town center and took about a million pictures. We totally looked like tourists. There was one old lady who kept stopping to give us directions. She was nice. We then made our way around and through a park and eventually up to the castle. It was absolutely gorgeous because the trees are still changing colors. And as usual, the castle was on a hill so there was a beautiful view of the town below as well as neighboring mountains/hills.





Then we went to the museum inside the castle, which was only 1 Euro (about $1.25). It was pretty interesting. The first part sort of talked about the different rooms of the castle and what they were used for. It also had some common items from that time period like medals, hunting, clothing, etc. There was a room with a bunch of Medieval art, almost all of which was religious in nature. There was an exhibit which talked about glass, and particularly Venetian glass which was pretty interesting. There was also an exhibit on Martin Luther, which I sadly missed because everyone else was already done and wanted to leave to get something to eat. Also, I think the most interesting thing to note was the gun exhibition, which had different shaped barrels. There was a heart, rose, and diamond shaped barrel. The heart shaped one really makes me consider Cupid’s arrow in a new light.




After that we went to a restaurant next to the castle. The menu was interesting because they had used somewhat Medieval type face and language. That aside, I ended up ordering some Coburg sausage (because it was what the travel website recommended) with sauerkraut. It was pretty good, but I really don’t think any of the sausage I’ve had in Germany so far has compared to the sausage in Vienna. I also had what they called green water. I forget what the translation was on the English menu, but I didn’t know what it was in English either. I really went out on a limb to try it, and it was surprisingly very good. It was probably my favorite part of the meal.

After sitting around and chatting for awhile, we decided it was time to head back. This took much longer than we had originally thought due to the fact that we stopped to take several more pictures and also because some of the people in our group wanted to try some sausage and ice cream. The ride back was pretty uneventful, except for the fact that we were getting on some of the other passengers’ nerves. Woops.

Once we got back to Erlangen some friends and I went around the city trying to visit some events for the “Long Night of Science”. Which it sounds pretty interesting, but I’ve never been so disappointed in what 8 Euros had bought me. Most of the events we wanted to go to were full, so we spent more time walking to different events and waiting to try and get in than actually attending the different events. We did manage to go to one event about labyrinths. Don’t get too excited. I thought it was going to be about labyrinths as in mazes. It was not. It was this really weird reading of one of Kafka’s works. It was not what we were expecting at all. We also went to a dialect event in which we listened to people talk about a particular dialect of German, which is kind of an isolated instance in Italy. It was pretty interesting, but again, not really what I expected. We tried to go to a Japanese Mythology event, but it was full as well. So overall kind of disappointing. We made it a bit better by going to get some Dönner and beer afterward. Then we just decided to go home and crash. It was a very long but fun-filled day.

As for this week, I’m not entirely sure what I will do. I kind of want to ride my bike to Nürnberg and back maybe Friday if weather permits. Also if my energy level permits since it is about 10 miles away. I will also be attending a Polish party this weekend and we will drink Vodka the Polish way, whatever that means exactly. I may not make it to Sunday heh. So until then!

Also, a special thanks to Ryoko, whose photos I used from Facebook since my camera decided Coburg wasn’t good enough to take pictures of…


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  1. Ryoko said,

    October 21, 2013 at 9:12 pm

    Thank you, Ari-chan! I’m glad that you use my Photos! I had a very good time with you all in Coburg–! Thanks! I want to make a Pumpkin something! I will tell you when I have time! Oyasumi–!!

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