October 6, 2013: Beerfest

So this past week my intensive German class finished up and I somehow managed to move on to the next level (so I probably will take another language class). Luckily that means no more of that awful teacher, but sadly that means the end of our awesome class (meaning strictly my fellow classmates). All in all though, I have been enjoying the free time by either traveling a bit or not doing shit. One day it was raining so I didn’t leave my room until about 5 and spent most of the day just watching German TV.


Anyway, as far as the Beerfests go, I actually went to two this week. The first was in a small town called Fürth and it’s maybe a 5-10 minute train ride there, if that. I went at night with my American friend and her German friend. Essentially, the fest was a carnival in America, but with booze. At the Fürth fest we mostly walked around though and also ate some food. I had a Nürnberger sausage and admittedly, it wasn’t as good as the ones I had in Vienna. Not that it didn’t taste good, mind you. Preemptive your mom as well as that’s what she said. Also, instead of having beer, we ended up just drinking some Federweiß (wine made of young grapes that also tends to be sweeter than most wine). All in all it was a pretty relaxing evening just talking, drinking, walking around, and looking at and endless amount of Lebkuchenherz, which since wikipedia has failed to give me an article, is a cookie that is in the shape of a heart and has some sort of lovey dovey message written on it. Then again sometimes they are kind of mean and funny. Those I like heh.


The second beer festival I went to is probably one that most of you haven’t heard of. And in case you think I’m serious, that was sarcasm. Friday I went with several friends to Munich and got to experience the wonder that is Oktoberfest. We left decently early at about 9 o’clock. However, the train was pretty packed. Luckily for me and my friend Ela, the lady sitting beside where we were standing left for some unknown reason, so we took her seat, meaning we took turns sitting in each others laps instead of standing for the whole 2 hour train ride. Others in our group were not so fortunate. Also interesting to note was the amount of people on this early train drinking alcohol and being totally hammered so early in the morning. Not that there is anything wrong with it, especially in Europe and especially for Oktoberfest, but sometimes I feel a bit odd about it.


Once we got to the festival, I was amazed at just how many people were there, and many being tourists from all over the world. We ended up taking a picture with several English guys wearing the most stereotypical lederhosen I think they could possibly make. And oh the boobs. There were so many girls wearing dirndls and as you may or may not know, dirndls tend to show off a lot of cleavage. And to top off the level of fun I had people watching was the sheer number of drunk people walking around, and some of them even trying to stumble through those cheesy fun houses you see at carnivals.


That aside we spent most of the day walking around. Sometimes my friends would decide to ride an insane monstrosity of a ride. I held the bags. No amount of peer pressure or alcohol made me decide it was a good idea to go on one of those rides. Anyone who went with me on the Black Mamba in Vienna knows why. Let’s just say I value my voice way too much to be without it for a solid week again. So after walking around for a bit we decided to try to find a table to sit and drink. This was almost impossible. We went into several giant tents, but there were no free tables to be had. We stood around in one tent for maybe 20 minutes and waited for one to open up even, but again, we had no luck. After watching the band play and some sort of play marriage ceremony/song, we went to some much smaller places and finally found a seat outside of one. Then we proceeded to drink a liter of beer. Each. And it was pretty strong beer. After I finished I felt decently tipsy. Then we walked around a bit more. My friends did some more scary rides while I noped my way on out of there. I did partake in some bumper cars later though.

Several pictures later and another crowded 2 hour train ride and I was back home. Fun fact, while it is better than standing the whole time, sitting on top of the luggage rack can get uncomfortable. Oh and drunk people will sometimes harass you a bit. Nothing bad, just kind of surprised at how many people tried untying my shoes…


As for yesterday, I ended up going to a bar with two friends and later to an ’80s dance party. Completely lost track of time and manages to stay out until 4 in the morning. Had a lot of fun though, but paid for a bit when I had to get up at 10 to go to a brunch at 11. The brunch was fun, but nothing like a brunch, or at least like one in America. There was no breakfast food and we ended up eating at 12ish anyway. Also, the finger food they had had some of the weirdest flavor combinations/surprises. I got what I thought was a cooked mushroom, but it actually ended up being a small onion soaked in balsamic vinaigrette. I won’t even try to describe the ones that were wrapped in bacon. Just note that bacon should never taste that horrible. Fortunately though, the soup and dessert kind of made up for it.


After that, sleep. And now, more sleep. Oh, and I will post pictures later because right now I have to wait for my friends to post them on facebook. No fun camera times for me…


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