September 16, 2013: I have been Boring

So it’s been about a week since I have updated my blog (I have been incredibly lazy about it and I’ve been meaning to do it for the last three or so days). Sadly I haven’t done a whole lot except for start my intensive German classes and fall of my bike. The last day of my orientation was last Wednesday and I fell off my bike while going to said orientation. I must have caused a decent amount of laughs when I fell. See sometimes the German bike lanes go onto the sidewalk, and sometimes they go onto the road (and sometimes they just disappear so you have to ride on the road with cars creeping up behind you). Anyway the bike lane had just gone back onto the road and the sidewalk was slightly raised at this point. That’s when I realized, “Oh shit, I need to turn on this road!” Not realizing how much of a curb there actually was, I turned right into it. Now my bike thought really hard about going over the curb, but I guess since there was a big American riding it, it gave up on this endeavor and proceeded to fall. I somewhat managed to catch myself, but not before the bike fell on my foot and my knee hit the pavement. Hard. The worst part was that this elderly lady across the street saw what happened and came over asking what happened. In my stunned and rather poor German I managed to say I fell on the curb. To which she said, “Oh, so you thought someone was going to hit you?” Yeah, sure, that’s it. I’m not that much of an idiot. Potato. I probably need to take my bike to a repair shop now because everything sort of shifted to the right (I fell on the left side) and get my front brakes fixed. But the back ones work fine, so I might just leave it. Heh. Also, with all the bike related bruises on my legs, it kind of looks like someone threw me down the stairs. I still don’t know where the bruises on my right leg came from :/


Outside of that, classes have been okay. Most of the time I just don’t feel like going, but mostly because it requires me to wake up semi-early and ride a bike for about 10-15 minutes. It’s more of me being lazy than anything else. Plus I’m still pretty twitchy when riding my bike. Not because I fell off of it, mind you, but because I’m paranoid that drivers aren’t going to stop for me (even though they are really awesome about bikes over here). America has conditioned me to be terrified of drivers. Speaking of conditioning, Auburn has also conditioned me to fear being towed. This is going to sound crazy, but when I park my bike, I always freak out a bit that I’m parking it in the wrong place and that it will get towed. My mind is an enigma. Potato.


Another somewhat event was last Thursday (also the first day of class, which I couldn’t go to the second part because we had a sub and he could only teach the second half an hour later, but I had a prior engagement). I went to a coffee and cake event for the program that is sponsoring my stay here. So one of the members picked me up at my dorm and we rode together to Nuremberg. She was nice and apparently had lived in New York City in the 1960s for a couple of years. So we talked about that and we also talked about the differences between Germany and America. When I got to the coffee and cake thing I talked to several women (all of them fairly advanced in age, which brought on flashbacks of the DAR ladies at my high school…) Apparently the club (German American Women’s Club) was founded shortly after the war to promote German American relations, even though they were told to disband. Anyway, the coffee and cake was nice, and they also had two performers from Russia who played some American songs on violin and piano. Honestly I felt like these songs did not do their excellent playing justice and I wish I could have heard them play something which would show off their skill more. Oh well, it was still nice. Also they sent me home with some leftover cake, which the one I took with me is kind of a nutty cake with chocolate sprinkled throughout and some sort of glaze/icing on top. It’s been keeping very well, so I’ve enjoyed a small piece of it every day.

I’ve met a couple of people in my class, and oddly enough on the first day I managed to sit beside another American girl, who is from upstate New York. It’s nice to have another American to talk to, and especially nice since she has been living here for a bit and I can ask her random things like, where the f*** do I get some tortillas around here? There are also two guys from Argentina named Nikolas and Mario (I know I got them both slightly wrong, but those are my approximations). There are also three people from Poland named Sandra, Natasha, and Michal (who I had preciously met). There is one guy from Hungary named Aaron who happens to live in the same area as me. There is a girl from Barcelona named Helena (who I’ve also met before). She is really sweet and reminds me a lot of a girl I used to go to high school with, only in Spanish form. Then there are three Japanese girls named Yurina, Shio, and sadly the other girl’s name slips my mind but I want to say Ryouko or something similar to that. After class several of us went to the cafeteria to get some food and hang out for a bit. So I really got to talk to some people, and it was fun. I enjoyed their company and got to practice my German a bit. And the food at the cafeteria is really cheap/ not terrible tasting. For less than 2 Euros I got a big bowl of cheesy gnocchi with vegetables.


As far as the weather goes it has been nothing but rainy and slightly cold. Highs have been in the 50s or 60s most of the time and it’s been kind of windy, if not rainy. This is not the kind of weather where one takes a lot of pictures, but I do have one to share. It’s nothing special, but it shows my afternoon today: coffee, cake, reddit, and homework. Most days I’ve either ran errands (when it’s not raining) or stayed inside and read, or watched either QI, Once Upon a Time, or Community.


On that note, I may or may not post again this week, but this Saturday I will at least have something interesting to talk about/share pictures of, because I am taking a day trip with the Intensive German Program to Fürth and Nürnberg.Image


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  1. Raegan said,

    September 19, 2013 at 4:27 pm

    Sounds very much like my initial experience. Sounds like you’re making friends & adapting though :) I look forward to following your blog & hopefully to seeing you in Erlangen before you leave :D Stay strong & let me know if I can help!

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