Good-bye Backpack!

So I’ve been putting it off as long as possible, but tonight I finally broke down and bought a new backpack.  And I can’t say it wasn’t needed.  My old one has had a hole in the top since my second semester in college and since traveling to Europe has had a steadily expanding hole in the threadbare bottom.  Sometimes the zipper would get stuck and bits of its plastic lining were coming apart.  But honestly, it’s been a great backpack.  I bought it when I first came to college, so it is over 3 years old.  The really amazing part was the it was a $15 Wal-mart backpack.  So it truly lived above its expectations.

I can’t say I’m not a little bit sad to let it go.  I get kind of attached to things that I’ve had for awhile.  Not only did this backpack serve as something to carry my books around in, but I also took it on every trip I went on.  It was there all those times I went home, to the beach, to Japan, and to Europe last summer.  It really was well traveled lol.  I was really hoping it would be able to last until I graduated before I finally had to retire it.  I never thought it would last so long, especially those last six months with the hole growing in the bottom.  But well, RIP backpack, you were a good servant.


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