This is a Set-up

So, I’ve noticed a pattern which started about my junior year of high school.  As I have mentioned in several post, I tend to take my time being single and don’t put too much stock into finding relationships.  I don’t like to stress over it, and I feel like if I do then it’s not really worth it.  Someone always comes along on their own.  This isn’t to say I don’t enjoy relationships, I do.  I just don’t usually obsess over it.

Despite my nonchalant approach to finding someone, my friends and family have a totally different view.  And while I know they are only trying to help, I just have no desire to be set up.  I may have made a similar post on this topic before, but it’s happening all over again.  Let me just say, I have had about 4 bad experiences with being set up.  My first experience was with a drugie stalker.  I never actually met this person, but one of my friends was scrapbooking one day, when her friend saw my picture and wanted to meet me.  Long story short, turned out he was a drugie and he ended up dating a strung out 40 year old woman with kids.

The second experience I was a little more open too.  My brother in law and sister knew this guy, who they thought I should meet.  He was gorgeous, and I, unfortunately, did not have the balls to talk to him.  Ended up dodging another bullet there.  Turns out he was popping pills and ended up proposing to his ex-girlfriend while strung out one night.

Another friend as some point, tried to get me to meet her friend.  His fine selling points: really sweet and helps his grandma around the house.  At 18 years old, this is not really appealing, heh.  The last experience was with a mutual friend.  We had known each other for a couple of months, and then one of our friends decided we would make the cutest couple.  So she proceeded to set us up (even though I kind of knew what was going on and didn’t really appreciate it).  That one ended poorly, needless to say.

So back to the present.  I have never really liked being set up since.  When I became single again, I knew it was only a matter of time before this same issue cropped up again.  What is it really about being single that makes our friends think we need help in the romance department?  It’s not that my friend’s friends are bad either, just not what I’m looking for usually.  And hell, I might be shooting myself in the foot for saying this, but sometimes there is a good reason that people are single.


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