Japan Fest 2011

So let me start out by saying, JSO (Japanese Student Organization) has really grown this year (like exponentially).  I wasn’t even sure it existed last year because I never heard anything about it.  However, this year is different.  The club has a whole new officer line-up, which totally changed the dynamic of the club.  That and the fact that every group of abroad students has their own unique characteristics.  We sort of got off to a slow start, but we are making up for it since school started back.

Probably one of the highlights of the club for this year was Japan Fest in Atlanta.  It was also a test of our officers, as many of the people going could not drive.  So we ended up having around 30 people and having about 6 drivers (after much work organizing the driving list.)  After a slight delay, we headed out at around 7:10 in the morning our time, and got to the festival around 11:30 with only a few minor hiccups.  We ate lunch there, which for me was tonkotsu ramen (I haven’t really gotten to eat that except in Japan) and it was great.  We watched some sumo, sword demonstrations, and taiko drums before chilling outside in the “beer garden”, which was mostly a patio with some tables and chairs with a little beer stand in the back.  But relaxing nonetheless.  Ciara and I wandered around for awhile, exploring all the different little booths available.  I found a nice little bento box, and we both got our names written in kanji.  The best part is that almost everything that required money (except the bento) went to a donation for tsunami relief in Japan.

So after figuring out who would be riding in which car again (some minor transportation issues had to be worked) we went to a korean karaoke place near Super H Mart and rented a big room for two hours.  (If you don’t know, asian style karaoke involves a rented room with friends and your own microphone and such, so no embarrassment or waiting for others to do songs).  The room was about $80 for everyone, which divided came down to $3.50 apiece.  So really it was not bad for all of the entertainment we got out of it, and boy was there entertainment.

After that we browsed around in Super H Mart (mostly asian grocery store) and I found some peach yogurt drink (not specifically calpis, but for status purposes I call it that), daifuku (how can I not buy that at an asian food store?), and the highlight of my day, Ritter Sport (which I ate in Vienna and they are to die for!)  Best part about it, the wrappers still have German all over them, not even a cheap little sticker was put over the ingredients part, just straight up from Germany Ritter Sports.  I know, I love chocolate entirely too much…

Aside from that I drove back home, trying to keep myself awake by imagining clowns on both sides of the road (only two people I know who read this blog will get that, heh.)  Then I just vegged out after dropping everyone off.  But because I have only had about 5 hours of sleep last night (I had to work a closing shift), I think it’s bed time for me.


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