Vienna week 3

So after all of the drama in Prague, it was kind of nice to be back in Vienna. We started off the week by deciding that we would have a Euro day, in which we all would wear European clothes. It was fun, and some people looked really cute, while others were bordering ridiculous. My favorite would have to be Scott, who work a scarf and big red sun glasses with rolled up white shorts. That aside, we had a lot of fun things for our culture class. We first went to the Military Museum, which to me sounded really dull at first, but I actually really enjoyed it. Vienna, as you may or may not know, has been involved in several conflicts. There were the two Turkish sieges in 1529 and 1683, there were the Napoleonic wars, wars of Austrian and also Spanish Succession, the 30 and 7 years wars, and of course both World Wars. So as you might imagine, it was a huge museum with a lot of the development in military technology, as well as history.  A couple of interesting things we saw was a tent the Turks left behind after one of their sieges, all sorts of tanks, airplanes and cannons, but the most interesting thing was the exhibit on Franz Ferdinand, which if you don’t know, he was the archduke assassinated by a Serbian nationalist and that was what started WWI. Anyway, we saw the car he was shot in, the uniform he wore when he was shot, as well as his blood soaked shirt (which is only displayed occasionally, so it was a real treat getting to see it.)

The next place we visited was a Heuriger, which basically means we went to class to drink wine and eat Austrian food. I drank mostly white wine gespritzt (meaning there was carbonated water added to it) and I ate some sort of pork dish with potato salad. It was really tasty, and there is nothing like getting drunk for a class as well as watching your teachers get drunk as well. Yay culture! The next day we went to the Ottakringer Brewery, where we learned how beer was made from a guy named Fritz. And Fritz is probably what most people think of when they think of Austrians because he sounded a lot like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Favorite Fritz quote, “Is that how you Americans like to party?” We apparently were not enthusiastic enough for that picture. We also got to try samples, my favorite being the red zwickle (sp?). After that we went to the Museums Quartier and lived it up. We met some cool people and played ninja, which I almost won, but I will admit, Jed deserved that victory because he fell on the ground during the previous round.

I feel like I’ve left something out that we did this week also, but I could be wrong. Well, if I remember I will leave a comment at the bottom. So for now I will end it here, because over the weekend we went to Salzburg, and that deserves an entry of its own, trust me.


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