My Wander Lust…

So it is less than a month until I leave for Europe to do my study abroad.  You know, it hasn’t really hit me yet, and it probably won’t until halfway through the plane ride.  So there is really minimal excitement at this point.  It’s just a vague twinge, and mostly nervousness really.  I try to get pumped up for it and make myself realize that it’s actually going to happen, but no matter how much I talk about it, it still feels like I’m spending the summer in Auburn.  I felt the same way when I went to Japan, and I actually think several people feel the same way.  It’s a weird feeling living your whole life in the southern United States, and never venturing out, and then suddenly going to all over the world.  It’s quite an adventure.

Another strange feeling that hit me not too long ago: I’m graduating in less than a year.  I’m mildly nervous about it, but more excited than anything else.  I have a love hate relationship with college.  I love the people and the freedom, and even the actual learning, but I hate the tests, homework, and low paying jobs.  And I know I’ll have some decision making to do after my study abroad trip (mostly I don’t want to totally rule out Europe as a post graduation long term destination until after I’ve been there), but it’s got a lot to measure up to right now.  So I’ve been thinking (along with another friend who is as passionate about Japan as I am) about going to graduate school in Japan (or teaching English because then I’ll get paid).  Japan has a lot to offer right now.  Not only do I love the food, culture, and language, but several of my friends are living in Japan, and not to mention Shunsuke is there.  Nothing is decided yet.  A lot can change in a year’s time, but as of right now, I would rather do nothing besides live in Japan for an extended period of time.

Just some thoughts I have been tossing around since it’s getting close to go time.  Man, I’m already a senior again…


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