A couple German related links

Sometimes, writing is my only outlet.  I haven’t been doing much of it lately.  My blog feels like a dying star, which will merely peter out in due time.  I have written somewhat regularly for a couple of years now (except for this last dry spell).  I just haven’t had words.  Nothing really fun to share.  There are my day-to-day thoughts, but those are mostly menial.  But I would like to share a couple of things though.  I have, what my brother-in-law would call an earworm, which is in German, but I find catchy and very cute.  I also have a video with a polar bear named Knut, who was apparently very famous a couple years back, and so adorable!  Lastly is a German movie, from German film class.

Aurelie–Wir sind Helden To give an idea what the song is about, it’s talking about how Germans flirt differently (very subtly) from French.  I just find it cute and upbeat as opposed to what most people think of German music.

Knut (don’t let drunk Sarah watch) We talked about Knut in German class the other day and I was squeeing the whole time.  But unfortunately he has died recently and part of our homework was to look into information about him.  I would like the note, I can’t take one of their correspondents seriously.  You’ll know him when you see him heh.

Die Fremde We watched this movie in German film, and while it is one of the saddest movies we have watched in there (and trust me, there are plenty), it’s also probably one of my favorites.  I plan on reviewing a few one day, but this one I probably will in the near future.  I recommend watching it, provided you can find it as it is a fairly recent movie and hasn’t been released in the U.S. (as far as I know.)


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