Spring Break

So a lot of my friends had plans over spring break including going to Europe, Japan (of course that changed after Friday), and Seattle.  So what did I do over the break?  Well, I worked Thursday until Saturday and then I went with Aimee to the exotic, get ready for it, Daphne Alabama.  For those of you who don’t know, Daphne is in southern Alabama pretty close to the bay.  All joking aside though, it was really fun and I’m glad I went (I got back in town today.)

I got to meet Aimee’s family, including her two adorable sisters (who are 4 and 6).  I got to feel like a rich person on the first day because her dad is a member of the country club so we spent most of the afternoon sitting in a hot tub with fancy drinks in hand.  We were actually very tired though after everything was said and done.  When we got back to her dad’s place we watched Labyrinth and I fell asleep before it was over having several weird dreams, but the weirdest being a combination of Ken, Aimee, zombies, and the Kardashians.  I’ll let your imagination piece that one together heh heh.

I’ll just skip the day by day blow though and just hit the high points.  Last night we did some karaoke, which was a bit odd because there was one, maybe high school aged, girl and a maybe 30 something year old man and woman and us.  The rest of the crowd was old people.  The only reason we went was because Aimee’s dad was actually doing the karaoke and really wanted us to come so he wasn’t stuck with old people all night.  Needless to say Aimee and I rocked the party last night with our renditions of Umbrella, Womanizer,  No Scrubs, Bye Bye Bye, Poker Face, and Bohemian Rhapsody.  Oh, and there was a creeper there who tried to hit on me and Aimee, even after our friend told him we were married.  Fun times.

We also got to go to the bay with Aimee’s dad and sisters.  The cutest part was watching them chase seagulls and also being fascinated by the various sea shell fragments.  We also got to eat some ice cream, which as most of you know, I love me some ice cream heh.  We also got to see some cute puppies because Aimee is looking for a female shiatsu to breed with her dog.  They were so cuddly and fluffy!!! Squee!!!

But it was a good break from a less than awesome week before that.  So I’m glad I went and relaxed and forgot about my problems.  But now it’s back to the old grind because I resume work tomorrow… ewwwwww


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