Old Lady Celebration

Wow, already March.

I’ve been so busy, I really haven’t thought much about writing.  Of course I’ve had little to actually write about as of late.  Talking about scholarship applications and course approval forms alongside work doesn’t make for interesting reading.  But I have been thinking a lot.  I might get creative again soon, I might post some more poems.  Then again the more likely alternative is that I’ll forget about my blog, and just keep on with my other things.

I went to an information session the other day about studying abroad in Vienna this summer.  I’ve pretty much got everything done for it, with a few minor gaps to fill here and there.  I’m mildly excited at this point, which I know, sounds like I’m just going because I feel like I have to, which isn’t the case, it just makes me think of the future.  I’m kind of dealing with a lot of concerns, which I know I’ll have to deal with sooner or later.  My ambitions pretty much require living abroad for at least a couple of years.

Well, I guess I could just half ass everything, but if I want to learn the language and actually feel competent in what I want to do, I should go live in another country.  I have just been a little bit bummed because I keep thinking about all of the important things I’ll miss when I’m out experiencing the world.

But in other “my boring life” related things, spring break is coming up and I’m going with a friend to her home town in south Alabama, which should be fun.  I really need a break from work and school.  The original plan was to work as much as possible through the break, but alas, I guess I am truly a German at heart because I really like my down time.  I’m not sure what all the plans are, other than a Snoop Dog concert (that her brother is opening for, which is weird because he is in a rock band…)  I, being the true gangster that I am, am going to wear my Antoine Dodson shirt, because that’s about the most gangster thing I actually own…  But the concert is free, so it will be a fun experience.

Something I kind of want to do over the break is to write a fairytale, kind of in the same style as the Grimm tales.  I was sort of thinking about it one night when I couldn’t sleep, which kind of helped me drift off, but that’s beside the point.  I want to see what I can do with my German, and I will possibly provide a translation, or laugh at the google/babblefish translation (the latter usually being the funnier pick).  I just want it to have a little more, I don’t know, depth.  That’s probably not the right word, but it is the first that comes to mind.  Anyway, I will leave it at that and most likely read and go to bed.

I’m such an old lady… especially on mardi gras…


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