Recent Thoughts

So, I’ve been thinking for some time now, that I should post more often.  Actually I have wanted to write more often anyway.  I kind of miss venting and putting my random ideas down.  It sort of helps relieve all the stress.  I was going to do a post earlier, had it not been for the fact that I was so far behind on my Japan posts, on Christmas, as well as New Years.  But alas, the new semester has crept up on me, and now I’m back in school.  I think something I want to do, which may or may not be of any interest to you is talk about the movies we watch for my German film class.  I already will have to write 8 two page analysis on the movies, so I might as well share.  Unfortunately due to the hazardous conditions, my first class there was canceled so I have nothing to offer at least until next week.

As for my other classes, I will be taking both Japanese and German Composition and Conversation, Nutrition, and Public Speaking.  The latter being the reason I am up this early.  But I shouldn’t complain, because I did this on purpose.  But hey, I have the language lab to myself, so that’s a bonus.  I’ve also watched a good bit of movies and read a couple of books over the break, which I may or may not decide to review briefly.  I know I do this every year, the whole promising to write more.  I guess I fall into that whole New Year’s resolution trap everyone else does.  Speaking of which, I think I’ve settled on a resolution this year…

I will have/make more time for myself and things that I want to do.

Meaning I will not always let school and work, and sometimes friends, take over and so I’m left with no feeling of self accomplishment.  One of the things I want to do more of is read, so as long as I can make the time for reading, I think I will have a good start.  And as of last year’s main resolution, to get the undesirable people out of my life, I think that went extremely well.  I have a lot less drama to deal with, at least most of the time heh heh.


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