Weird Dreams and OMG College

So the other night I had a very weird dream.  I had a little blond-haired green-eyed child.  She was probably no older than 2, but she definitely had hair and could walk.  And I was with a couple of my friends (mostly those I work with or used to work with) and we would periodically leave the child alone.  Oh, and they were pregnant as well.  When we would leave we would have deep discussions about the best and worst experiences of our lives, and then I got to talking about unnamed baby daddy (which isn’t anyone I actually know).  So when I went back to the house I left my child was at, there was the baby daddy standing outside (with blond hair and green eyes) and I remember saying I didn’t like him but wanted him to be there for said child.  Then I woke up.  I posed the brief summary via twitter, and one of my friends said that baby=stress and the fact that most of my friends were pregnant meant they were stressed as well.

That might be an understatement.  College has hit, and it has hit me hard.  Most of my classes involve a lot of homework and I also have to keep up with my job, which doesn’t give me much time for said homework.  And one class has a lot of advanced people in it, and it’s just intimidating.  Sigh, not to mention Shun has also been busy so we haven’t had much time to talk either.  My friends (some, not all) have also been having their fair share of drama so I get to “partake” in that as well.  Unwillingly mind you.

This weekend doesn’t look much better considering I have class until 3 today, then I work 5 until close, and tomorrow I get to be up bright and early to go in a 7:30.  I. hate. mornings.  I haven’t gotten up this early for a job since I worked at JCPenney, and the early hours was part of the reason I hated it so much, that and the excess of hours given to me heh.  But on the plus side, the clear liquid/cracker diet I did yesterday seemed to work.  My stomach is quite full of air, but it’s not upset (and wasn’t after breakfast) so maybe I got that fixed.  So despite the amount of work I have to do today and tomorrow, I can at least take solace that my dinner will be good, whatever it may be.  And who knows, maybe I can find the elusive taco truck this weekend.


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