Slumber Party and Plans for my Visit Home

So last night some of my friends from the theater and I had a slumber party at my place.  It went well, there were some tears shed but they were dried and we continued to have fun.  There was a lot of dancing and junk food, and tons of pictures, which I will share some of the better ones.

As for tomorrow, I will be heading home for awhile.  The first half of my visit (until sometime Friday) will be devoted to my parents and my Guntersville/Scottsboro friends.  The second half to my sister and Mai, and maybe there will be a day in there where I can visit with my grandma in Birmingham.  I haven’t seen most of my friends since November or December, so I’m looking forward to seeing them.  Anyway, not a lot interesting except school will be starting soon :(  Then I really won’t have a life heh.


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