Life Without Facebook: Week 1

So it has been one week since I deactivated my facebook account, and honestly, I thought I would have a much harder time without it than I actually am.  There were no withdrawals, no important information missed, nothing.  The only thing that is making it a slight inconvenience as of right now is the fact that facebook is still in the third spot on my scroll thingy (I have no idea what you would call that, but the drop down box where you put in the internet address.)  I’ve had a couple of people ask me why I decided to delete it, but nothing major.

And life goes on without facebook.  In fact, I have a lot more time that I don’t waste on facebook to, well, waste on other things I suppose.  But the other things I choose to waste it on annoy me far less, such as watching movies, hanging out with friends, taking P-chan for a walk, reading, etc.  I don’t constantly feel like I missed something important and have to run to facebook every couple of hours to make sure that nothing has happened.  It’s wonderful.

Sadly, as my brother-in-law has pointed out, facebook might become such an important website for businesses and such that I might have to go back one day.  Not that I particularly want to, and I won’t for as long as that remains a viable option for me.  But if I did go back, I would handle it differently.  I don’t know though, so I’ll cross that hypothetical bridge if I ever need to.

Something I think I’m going to do before the new semester starts (maybe, because school is fast approaching) is to write a short story.  I haven’t gotten to do that in some time, and I really miss the creative outlet.  I want to try to also get my short story portion of the blog up and running, but I just haven’t gotten around to doing that yet.  I still need to work out some bugs on the poetry.  Eh, I’m lazy.


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