Prospects for my last couple weeks of summer vacation

I’ve had a really busy summer of mostly working, which has paid off (in the form of me actually having money and being able to save some of it), but I haven’t gotten to see many people or spend much time with friends.  I know that this will only be made worse by the addition of a full class load (15 hours) plus anywhere from 3-4 days a week of work, but then again I know that it will pay off because hopefully I will get to go to Tokyo in November and Vienna next summer.

However, I plan on taking five days off work just to make a visit home, probably the last one I will be able to manage for awhile.  It will be worth it, because I love visiting with my family and friends.  Not sure of what we are going to do together and what the whole game plan is as of right now, but I do know that activities will have to be on the cheap side.  But it will be good to get to see everyone again.

There will also be a couple of get togethers locally with friends.  I have some movie nights planned and a possible sleep over.  Other than that it will be the same ol’ same ol’ with work and sleep.  I know it isn’t eventful, but it’s what I do heh heh.


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