My Facebook is Gone

So I finally deleted my facebook account today after jacking some e-mails of those whom I want to stay in touch with.  It was kind of annoying though how on the deactivate account page is had five photos of me and random friends saying they will miss me.  Like I won’t be able to talk to them ever again if I don’t have a facebook.  Heh, oh well.  There is no really reason why I deleted it other than I was tired of it.  I felt like I would spend so much time looking at my news feed only to realize that most of the stuff that was posted wasn’t really important anyway, and if it was I could easily find out by talking to said friend.  I know I threatened to do it several months ago, and even took all the steps in that direction, but I just sort of left it to stay for some reason.  Well, now that that is over I will update you on what I’ve been doing for the past month.

Working, that’s mostly it with a couple of other things in between.  I had my birthday and realized that if I don’t throw a party and invite my friends then I will get several celebrations, which isn’t necessarily bad, but I get tired of celebrating my birthday after the second time.  I’m glad that all of my friends cared enough about me to do something for me though, because, you know, I’m lazy and don’t want to plan things.  Just so you guys know, I’m not being ungrateful, just my boring old self.  My sister and Katie came down here for a visit a weekend prior to my birthday, which was fun and a much needed time away from work.  I’ve seen several movies, most of which aren’t too noteworthy but when you get to watch movies for free, you pretty much will watch anything.  Got my passport stuff turned in yesterday so I can hopefully start planning my trip to Japan.  Read some books, played some games.

You have pretty much been updated on my life.  Pretty boring but it works for me I guess.  I know I have not been writing lately, but I haven’t really felt like it.  Oh, and I haven’t had much to write about.  I have been thinking of a couple creative writing projects as of late, but not sure when I want to get around to writing them.  So that’s all for now.


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