Writer’s Block Exercise: Take Two

Livejournal prompt: “Do you generally like or hate when people take photos of you? Do you feel anxious when friends post pictures of you online? Is your first inclination to link to them or hide them?”

When I log onto facebook on a boring Monday night (much like the one tonight) occasionally I feel the urge to look a people’s photos.  This is how I found out one difference between me and the majority of my friends on facebook.  In all of their pictures they are gracefully laughing with their mouths open just enough to know that they are indeed laughing and not imitating Kristen Stewart, but not open so wide as to look like a raging lunatic, or their hair is blowing  back behind them as they gracefully pose on a perfect white sand beach as the sun accentuates all of their perfections and hides all of the imperfections.  These people are photogenic and I almost never see a bad picture of them.  As for me, most of my pictures can be described as me sitting on the floor with my 8 chins hanging out and what appears to be half a plate of spaghetti spilled down the front of my shirt while one, or sometimes both of my eyes are closed and I’m clutching my side with laughter as my mouth hangs open at an odd angle.  Okay, maybe I exaggerate a bit, but I almost always look awful in my pictures.  And if there is a set of party pictures, there is almost always on of me in the shadowy background making a weird face (which I kind of find it neat how I manage to photobomb someone at least once at these parties.)  So no, I do not like most of my pictures and I get quite excited when I actually have a good one.

But I mostly chose this writer’s block exercise to write on because as my sister and brother-in-law have both pointed out before, people (mostly girls) handle pictures of themselves differently than they do of their friends.  Girls tend not to post those 8 chin pictures of themselves while that one of Ashley over there with pizza sauce on her face gets posted for the world to see.   I know, not every girl does this, and I myself try to be considerate, but I have known people who have done this.  And you see and laugh at these pictures all the time.  Just google drunk girl puking and you can see many fine examples of this.  Or don’t, because it is a bit gross.  Oh how their college days will forever haunt them heh heh.  But my point is that people should ask before posting potentially embarrassing photos, or maybe people should use the same standards to judge what should and should not go on the internet, because it can follow people.  Of course the picture of a bad hair day may not be a big deal, and the person themselves may find it funny, but I feel like with the way the internet is being used now (like employers looking at your facebook before hiring you) that maybe we should take a little more care about what goes up, and what should stay a personal joke between friends.


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  1. Doug Bolden said,

    June 11, 2010 at 8:50 pm

    You know, one possible cure for that phenomenon is that anyone tagged in the photo gets editorial rights. Someone links a photo of you with snot flying out of your nose, you can delete it. Heh. Sure, they would just type your name in the caption and re-up it, but hey…it stops them from being able to link it directly to your profile.

    The other possible cure is get a few good pictures of your friends in compromising positions: bathroom shots, sex shots, doing drug shots. Then, let it be known that you have scripts set up to upload the first time you see one shot of you in mid-puke so much as touch the world wide web. Positions of the power….mmmm…that’s the ticket.

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