Stupid Things I Like

I’m always writing somewhat negative posts it seems.  I’m not done making these posts either, I just feel like lightening the mood a bit, you know, like Jar Jar Binks only slightly less annoying (or so I would like to think heh heh).  I was a bit inspired by postsecret this last week to think about silly things that make me happy.  Feel free to play along if you wish, or otherwise.

1. I like when I say, “Enjoy your movie,” at work and people say, “You too!”

2. I like it when my dog has one ear perked and one back, or when they are moving like satellite dishes.

3. I like getting foreign money from customers at work, even if I have to trade my own so I can keep it.

4. I like finding notes, for me or for a stranger, it doesn’t matter because they make me smile.

5. I like wearing my skirt on windy days because it has two layers and the wind will always catch the outside layer while the second layer stays put.

6. I like the smell of fall.

7. I like it when people get just as excited as I do over stupid things.

8. I like it when strangers give me the you are completely weird look because I do something crazy/retarded.

9. I like opening a new jar of peanut butter because it is so smooth before you touch it.

10. I like the way shiny things look in the sunlight (especially Mai’s pencil/old cell phone).

Okay, so that is all I’m going to do.  I’ll be back to my regularly scheduled pessimism shortly (probably some time after finals…)


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