Shun’s Visit and Lent Update

So Shun left yesterday after his 8 day visit.  He came in the 19th, and after a slight delay causing him to miss his bus to Auburn, he got here at about 7:15ish.  We had a lot of fun together, and he cooked Japanese food for me (even though it was actually Chinese if that makes sense).  Among the things he cooked was Hoikoro (pork, green onions, cabbage); something I can’t quite remember the name of but involved a spicy sauce, green onions, pork, and tofu; yakisoba; and traditional Japanese spaghetti (noodles and then a type of fish egg).  It was all very good!  He also brought some Japanese snacks, but I have to wait until after Lent to eat those.

We didn’t eat out too much until his last two days here.  We went to Chappy’s, Alpen Cafe, and Mikata’s.  Thursday was the first time I went to Alpen Cafe (German food) and I thought it was pretty good.  I ended up getting Jager Schnitzel (fried pork with a mushroom gravy sauce), red cabbage, and cucumber salad.  Chappy’s is always good, but Shun had never been there before.  I think he liked it.  Mikata’s we’ve both been to before (for sushi) but some of my friends wanted to eat dinner there, so we went.  It was pretty good, our chef was really nice, but having Shun there made me realize just how little of the food is actual Japanese food.  I mean, I know it wasn’t really, but I don’t know, I guess I never thought about it too much outside of well it’s Americanized Japanese food.

Of course we did more than eat food, heh heh.  Of course we didn’t get to do as much together as I hoped either because I had a Lit. paper due that Monday, a German test and Lit. midterm Wednesday, and a German essay on Friday, so a good amount of time was spent studying.  But we did go see Shutter Island on Thursday.  It was really good and I plan on doing a review after I see Crazies and Alice in Wonderland so I can just do three all at once.  I showed him Sweeney Todd, which he seemed to enjoy although he thought it was kind of depressing.  We did some shopping.  We jump roped (and let me just say, he is really good at it) and walked around Conway for a bit.

Yesterday, Torie and I took Shun to the airport (in Atlanta).  I’m really glad Jessica let me borrow Thomas (her Tomtom) as well, I’ll get to just why in a minute.  But Atlanta airport was huge, and it was quite pretty too.  We got there a bit early and had some tea and talked to a random guy at the cafe for about 15 minutes.  He was nice, but it was out of the ordinary for me and Torie heh heh.  Then Shun had to go so we took him up to security and waited until we couldn’t see him anymore.  After that Torie and I decided to go to Tomato (Japanese grocery store).  Thomas was trying to be confusing as hell, but there was no way I could have gotten there without him heh heh.  Then we went to the mall there and walked around for a bit and ate some Chinese food.  We came back to my place, took a nap, I made Torie her first grilled cheese sandwich, and I made myself some Natto and rice.  Later some friends, a chocolate bar (I did not partake), and Zombieland was involved.  It was fun.

The last little bit I want to add on this post (you’ll have to excuse the length, but I haven’t written for awhile) is about Lent.  I’m more than a quarter of the way through and things are going well.  Last night was a bit tempting, but I was okay.  I’ve mostly craved french fries.  I decided pudding is not off limits, but it’s a special treat so I’m not going to eat much of it.  The only weird thing that has been happening though is that I keep having dreams where I break my Lent.  It’s weird… but that’s the extent of what has happened so far.


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  1. Doug said,

    February 28, 2010 at 7:24 pm

    Sounds like you had a good time.

    re: restaurants – South Alabama is notorious for approximating cuisine. One Chinese buffet that I used to love, and others talked about being weird, I went back to after a few years of living up here. Turns out that most of the Chinese food that I thought was awesome was essentially Southern food with “Chinese herbs”. I know that a lot of Huntsville’s more popular Japanese restaurants are quasi-Korean adaptations of Japanese food. I most just roll with the punches.

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