It is February 15th

Not that you need a reminder on what day it is, I’m pretty sure you’ve gotten that figured out by now.  Today I want to write a note with substance, because that’s what I do every now and then.  I just wanted to talk about some of the things we’ve been learning in history class that I have found interesting.

Over the past few days we have been discussing the wave of New Imperialism in the 18oos and 1900s along with the relationship of the core (industrialized West) with the periphery (nations that were then considered backwards).  Of course there are many theories to the cause of this exploitation, most known is probably Lenin’s (the core exploits the periphery because it has run out of proletariat to exploit in its own country and is the last step in the demise of communism).  And well, there are several economic as well as security reasons.

But that’s not what I find interesting.  Well, actually that’s not what I find the most interesting.  I knew all this before taking a class on it.  What I find interesting is how the colonized people reacted to their situation.  Of course some openly resisted, but there was another form of resistance as well.  Colonized people, slaves, Native Americans, etc. who were forced to accept their fate would put on two faces.  One face they would show to those who were exploiting them.  They would not complain from their condition out of fear for the consequences.  Take slaves for example.  They would fear being beaten if they didn’t cooperate, so of course they would say they enjoyed being a slave.  However, one can see little bits of their second face (the face they hide from their exploiters but share when they are together) when they would do things like purposely break tools, or when they created their own language.

All of this made me wonder how it applied to the world today, and I know I’m bringing up a touchy subject for some people.  But mostly what I have thought about is the war in Iraq.  Of course we see all these news reports of people smiling and always thanking our soldiers.  But we also hear day after day about our soldiers getting attacked.  Don’t get me wrong, I support our soldiers, but I don’t always support the wars that are fought.  I don’t know all of the details behind why we are at war in Iraq, but what I do know is that the United States along with some other European countries do have a history of exploiting West Asian countries (see my early posts on facebook concerning Iran) for oil.  I don’t see it as a fact that we are exploiting Iraq, but I do see it as a possibility.

Anyway, enough of the random things that make me go ‘huh?’


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