Tralalala The Past Few Days

I’m running out of unique up dates on my life titles, as you can probably guess.  But these past couple of days have been nice and rough at the same exact time.  They’ve probably been more rough than anything else, but I’ll explain.

Why it has been rough: There has been an insane lack of communication with many of my friends, I kid you not.  It seems like some of them have disappeared off the face of the Earth.  Sure I have talked to some of them on facebook, but that’s not really the same as talking in person.  There are two possible reasons for this, one more likely than the other.  The first is that aliens abducted them, took them to Mars, made android clones, sent those clones back to Earth, and forgot to add me into their memory banks leaving them unable to recognize my name or my face.  OR they all went home for Christmas break and just haven’t come back yet.  I’ll let you decide which one is true heh heh.

I’ve had to work what seems like a lot to me this past week.  I think I’ve worked 5 nights in a row and with the exception of Christmas Eve, they have all been busy.  I’ve also had to work all night shifts which means I have to stay after the concession stand closes to clean up, which isn’t always too bad as long as you are working with good people.  But it is still tiring and by that time I am ready to go home and relax.

I haven’t had a P-chan to come home to.  My parents took her back home so she could get some vet work done (meaning the lump on her leg removed and her teeth cleaned.)  It’s amazing how much of a difference it makes coming home when she’s not here.  I also haven’t been able to talk to Shun lately because his computer died, so there really hasn’t been a lot of interaction with other people outside of work (and handling customers doesn’t count as a good social encounter, trust me.)

Why it has been kind of nice: I have gotten a break not only from school, but from people (excluding at work) as well.  I know above I was sort of complaining about not having anyone to hang out with, but I’m a somewhat recluse and I do enjoy my alone time, and I sometimes get cranky when I don’t get some alone time.  That aside, I haven’t had any social obligations to fulfill and have wasted the parts of the day I’m not at work doing whatever I please, which doesn’t happen that often.

I did finally send Shunsuke his Christmas present and got my first paycheck (which was better than I had expected because I did not think I worked so many hours.)  And while it has been busy, I’ve for the most part enjoyed my job.  And before you misinterpret what I mean, I don’t like the customers or their silly demands, I mostly enjoy the people I work with and the atmosphere is much lighter than at my previous job.  Most people there seem to be pretty good friends and they’ll often hang out after work, I mean staff leaders, vesties, and managers (well, some managers).  And mistakes seem to be taken a lot better there as well.  But I’m getting off topic…

I spent some of my Christmas money today, which is always good.  I ended up getting a rice cooker (because I’m tired of having to mess up my stove and pots every time I want rice).  I almost got a bread maker as well, but haven’t yet because I want to do some shopping around for that one.  My sister has one and it is amazing.  I also got some wall flower nutmeg refills (which smell great.)  And I went to the Kroger in Opelika today and got curry mix and soba ingredients.

So that has been my past few days.  I plan on making at least one more post before the end of the year.  I think counting this one, that puts me at 90, which is a big number for me, but I have plans to post one either tomorrow, or the day before 2010, you know, just because.  I still haven’t done a poem in Japanese (which I probably won’t do yet because I don’t feel like my Japanese is quite good enough for that yet) or a translation of a German fairytale, but I might soon (and I might cheat and use the one from my German text-book even thought it’s not translated for me in the back), or I might find one you guys have never even heard of to translate.  I don’t know.  I read one called King Thrushbeard yesterday, and it was pretty good.  I guess it depends on how lazy I am.


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  1. Holly said,

    December 30, 2009 at 9:57 pm

    I love you Chica! I hope things get better for you soon although apparently they haven’t been too awful. I also hope you get to “hand out” after work with your theater friends soon! Sorry had to point it out cause it’s me!

    <3<3<3 YOU!

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