A Couple of Quick Reviews

I have not done any movie reviews in a while.  Of course I haven’t seen many new movies to review either, but there are a couple and I want to go ahead and write about them before I forget.

For some odd reason, it feels like I’ve already discussed this movie, but in case I haven’t, CJ7.  It’s a Chinese comedy about a poor boy and his father finding an alien dog.  It sounds very cheesy, and well, it is.  But it’s a good sort of cheesy, and it does have some funny moments.  But somewhere toward the middle there is a drastic change in mood and well, let’s just say this is not a good movie for drunk Sarah to watch.  It doesn’t have very good graphics or special effects, but I think they handled it well and that it doesn’t take away from the movie.  When my friend and I watched it, we watched the English dub version, and the dubbing was not good.  That’s probably my only real complaint about the movie, but then again, I’m not a big dubbed movie fan so that could just be me.  Overall, I say it gets a high 4 and I would definitely re-watch it.

The second movie I want to review is Disney’s The Princess and the Frog.  I know that some of my friends have been skeptical of this movie, and they have a right to be after Miley Cyrus and High School Musical.  It’s been a long time since Disney has turned out a good animated film (not to mention this film is actually hand drawn).  I think this movie actually does return Disney to its glory days.  The artwork is beautiful and the story is good.  There are plenty of good songs, and a story that isn’t worn out.  They actually made some interesting changes to the story including the setting and the time, which I think really helps the movie.  I do have a couple of issues though, not really big ones.  There are several butt jokes and not that many cleverly hidden (at least as far as I can remember) jokes kids don’t really understand.  Again, this is more of a personal preference, but that’s one of the things I think kid’s movies are missing now that they use to have.  The other problem is how many times the say, not insinuate, the moral of the movie.  It’s pretty hard not to understand the message they are sending the audience, even though it is a good one.  Overall I would probably also give this one a 4, and I would say it is a good return to the Disney classics, although still not quite up to par with Beauty and the Beast, Lion King, etc.

So that is all for my movie review for now.  I’m not sure just how many movies I will watch in the near future, but when I do, I’ll be sure to make another post.


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